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Living on a $1,500 budget in Salt Lake City will get you about 740 square feet of apartment space

Salt Lake City—How far can $1,500 stretch in terms of apartment space in Salt Lake City? RentCafe’s annual report reveals the U.S. cities that offer the most and the least apartment space for this amount in 2023. 

Renters in Salt Lake City with a budget of $1,500 can enjoy a one- or two-bedroom apartment. In terms of apartment space, the city ranks 59th out of the 100 small U.S. cities analyzed. 

Here are more highlights:  

  • Renters in Utah’s capital can get an average-sized apartment of 742 square feet for $1,500. In West Valley City, however, the same amount of money stretches up to 850 square feet, on average
  • For $1,677 – which is the average rent in Salt Lake City – renters can get an apartment of 829 square feet of space.  
  • Among America’s largest cities, Wichita, KS boasts the most spacious apartments for $1,500, with an average size of 1,463 square feet. On the other hand, for the same monthly budget, Manhattan offers the least amount of apartment space: about 240 square feet, barely enough for a studio apartment. 

Would you like to see how much apartment space you can get for $1,500 in other U.S. cities? Check out our report: