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Liesa Wilson | Photographed by MANICPROJECT

Liesa Wilson | HR Achievement Awards 2024

Liesa Wilson | Photographed by MANICPROJECT
Liesa Wilson | Photographed by MANICPROJECT

Director, Human Resources | GPS Capital Markets


Was there a pivotal moment in your life that brought you into your field?

I love to understand what makes people tick, so I originally studied psychology. A few years later, we started a small business, so my career took a detour to fill a need on the administrative side. I realized how much I enjoyed working with our employees in an HR capacity, and it felt like a natural fit. Moving to the United States increased my opportunity to expand my knowledge, and I have really enjoyed the global exposure and cultural diversity. It has kept me happily rooted in this field of work. 

How does the company of the future take care of its employees?

It understands the diverse needs of its employees and builds around those. It provides an environment where people feel valued for their contributions and can bring their best selves to work. The companies that will succeed are the ones who see their people as people, not solely as a workforce.

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