Salt Lake City and Momentum Recycling unveil new public art piece in Liberty Park

Salt Lake City— What started out as a small idea to beautify one of Salt Lake City’s glass collection sites has become a highly-visible statement piece in Liberty Park. To celebrate the importance of glass recycling in the community, Salt Lake City and Momentum Recycling unveiled on Nov. 18 a new dumpster at the Liberty Park drop-off location featuring a hand-painted, wrap-around mural of Utah red rock arches by local artist Josh Scheuerman.

The piece brings a splash of public art to a frequently-used recycling location, trading the basic blue of the original dumpster for a bright mural paying tribute to Utah’s iconic natural landscapes.

“As a native Utahn, I feel responsible for the wild and natural places,” Scheuerman said. “I believe it’s vitally important for new technology and information to help increase recycling alongside local art.”

Developing, operating and partnering on robust recycling initiatives and other significant sustainability efforts are priorities for Salt Lake City.

“We take the stewardship of our environment to heart in Salt Lake City. I’m excited to celebrate the importance of glass recycling, which is the most local form of recycling in the City, through this colorful addition to our park. We hope it inspires more people to use this service, helping to divert more glass from the landfill,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall.

Momentum Recycling is the City’s glass recycling program contractor. In 2019 it helped residents divert nearly 1,550 tons of glass from the landfill. The company operates a local glass recycling facility which processes glass from across the region into various sizes of glass cullet. The material is used to make fiberglass insulation at a Utah facility, produce new glass containers, and many different products for construction purposes.

Residents have the option to bring their glass to one of 18 locations throughout the City, or to subscribe to monthly curbside pickup for $7 per month. Salt Lake City curbside customers can downsize their garbage cans from the standard 90-gallon size to either a 60- or 40-gallon container to save money on their overall bill.

“We’re proud of our community, and we know the community is proud to recycle,” said Jason Utgaard, General Manager of Momentum Recycling.

Salt Lake City and Momentum plan to put a mural on at least one other dumpster in the coming months, with the goal of expanding to additional drop-off locations in partnership with local artists if possible.