Leadership Circle raises $20M

Salt Lake City —Leadership Circle, the leadership development company that assesses, coaches, and develops some of the world’s most impactful business leaders and teams, today announced a $20M financing round with RF Investment Partners. The investment will be used to further develop the company’s LeadTechTM platform and SaaS capabilities, scale its signature 1:1 executive offerings and support self-serve options for leadership assessment and development.  

“We’re fully aligned with Leadership Circle’s vision of using technology to bring transformational leadership development and high-performance team development to the world of business,” says Peter Rothschild, Co-founder and Managing Partner of RF Investment Partners. “The current reality of leadership leads the world’s CEOs into uncharted territories. We believe the Leadership Circle platform provides the direction leaders need to stay on course and chart new ones where needed, and we’re excited to be a part of their continued growth.” 

Leadership Circle’s solutions are a combination of services and products designed to help leaders increase their leadership and team effectiveness and their organization’s ability to thrive in midst of volatile and ever-changing conditions. Starting with a data-driven leadership assessment, users are able to deepen their self-awareness and identify areas for further development. Then, participants can execute on an actionable leadership development plan through on-demand coaching solutions as well as one-on-one coaching with world-class experts who use data to position leaders for success. With more than 10,000 Certified Practitioners across the globe, Leadership Circle has supported more than 200,000 leaders spanning all industries—life science, commercial agriculture, medical, technology, financial, retail, government, manufacturing, NGOs, and more. 

A major focus of development and investment in the coming years will be the LeadTechTM platform. It is the latest in online, asynchronous coaching for individuals and teams. As the future of work becomes increasingly virtual, Leadership Circle remains bullish on providing virtual leadership development options that adapt with the times, supported by AI and machine learning.

Leadership Circle’s data finds that 75 percent of leaders globally still operate from a reactive, non-scalable mindset—an issue further exacerbated by pandemic market volatility. Now, between an increasingly puzzling labor market fueled by the Great Resignation and what the World Economic Forum is coining a “reskilling emergency,” leaders are facing a new host of challenges and must prioritize leadership development to be successful in the years ahead. 

“Effective leadership is not just a competitive advantage anymore. It’s a critical ingredient in operating a business in the ‘next normal,’” says Bill Adams, CEO and Cofounder at Leadership Circle. “Through working with executives at some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world, we are already seeing improving business results when managers and executives make leadership a conscious practice. We’re excited to bring this solution to a wider group of rising leaders through the development of our services and technology offering.”

Since its founding almost four decades ago, Leadership Circle has quietly but steadily grown, achieving double-digit revenue growth over the last four years. The organization amassed clients from some of the most prominent multinational corporations in the world, such as Salesforce, Syngenta, Microsoft and Ernst & Young. Leadership Circle’s clients enjoy accelerated growth, increased workforce productivity, and improved corporate culture. 

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About Leadership Circle 

Leadership Circle is a global leader in leadership development on a mission to evolve the conscious practice of leadership. Through its tools, methodology, and consulting approach, Leadership Circle aims to integrate the otherwise fragmented field of leadership development. With more than 10,000 Certified Practitioners across the globe seeking to bring The Universal Model of Leadership to leaders, Leadership Circle has worked with more than 200,000 senior leaders and over 3.5M evaluators to assess and develop their leadership. Through the first-of-its-kind LeadTechTM platform, individuals and teams can access online, asynchronous coaching. For more information about the Leadership Circle’s methodology, leadership, and certification solutions, or to sign up, visit

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