First non-lawyer-owned US law firm makes legal services available to all Utahns

Salt Lake City— Northwest Registered Agent, one of the largest national business formation and registered agent service providers, announced its official launch of Law on Call in Utah, the first nonlawyer-owned law firm in the United States.

As the first nonlawyer-owned law firm, Law on Call brings an accessible and affordable alternative to traditional legal services. Law on Call offers privacy by default, speed, and a customer service ethos traditional law firms are not able to provide. Law on Call is a licensed law firm, making it much different than the legal service plans or lawyer referral services that are currently on the market.

Law on Call is available via a monthly subscription of $9 per month with the first two months of service offered completely free. With the monthly subscription, Law on Call clients receive unlimited and instant access to licensed attorneys for legal advice. In addition, clients can decide to hire Law on Call attorneys for full legal work at steeply discounted rates.

“We are thrilled to launch Law on Call and bring accessible and affordable legal services to the people and businesses in Utah. Our goal is to democratize access to the type of legal advice and legal services already available to larger businesses and higher-income individuals. Our focus is on customer satisfaction to bring a truly unique service that anyone can use,” says Tom Glover, president of Northwest Registered Agent.

Law on Call addresses the challenges that many individuals and businesses seeking traditional legal services experience including cost-prohibiting retainer fees, ineffective communication, and long wait times. Law on Call does not seek to replace traditional law firms, but to bridge a gap and provide services to those who do not have the resources to hire a law firm when they need answers to simple questions or even have documents reviewed.  

The launch of Law on Call brings a new era in legal services, helping ordinary people and businesses with legal disputes, liability concerns, legal compliance, and more. As part of Utah’s Access-to-Justice reform and the Utah Regulatory Legal Sandbox, Law on Call makes legal services accessible and affordable to everyone for real-world needs.

As innovations such as the Utah Legal Sandbox become available in more states, Law on Call will remain a pioneer in the legal industry and join those initiatives to make access to the justice system available on a larger scale.

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About Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent specializes in providing registered agent and corporate filing services to customers in all 50 states. With 350 employees nationwide, Northwest takes pride in its commitment to Privacy by Default®, which ensures that client data is never sold—ever. At Northwest, support and privacy are at the heart of everything. That’s doing business the right way.

About Law on Call

Law on Call is the first nonlawyer-owned licensed law firm in the United States. By reinventing the traditional approach to the legal industry in the United States, Law on Call has removed the stress of billable hours so that its lawyers can focus on client satisfaction and quality of work. As part of the Utah Regulatory Legal Sandbox, Law on Call makes legal services accessible and affordable to everyday businesses’ real-world needs.