Autism treatment provider expands in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City — Gateway Learning Group announced today it has rebranded to Kyo (pronounced kai-oh). Under its new brand, Kyo will continue its mission to inspire and develop people with autism by providing compassionate, customized therapy grounded in science. The rebrand comes as Kyo expands into several new locations and grows its presence in existing areas, including Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco-Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City.

“We’re thrilled to announce our company’s rebrand, which more closely aligns with our mission to make every moment count for those we work with,” said Colin Davitian, Co-founder and CEO. “This is an exciting time for Kyo, as we expand our footprint into new regions and grow in those where we’re already established. COVID has shed light on the importance of an individualized approach to mental health, and we’re grateful to bring our industry-leading staff and treatments to even more individuals and families across the country.” 

Kyo uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to design and implement an individualized therapy program for each child based on their particular needs and interests. Its staff is caring, well trained and credentialed, and represents the very best in the field. During the intake process, supervisors work closely with families to determine the approach that is best suited to the individual child.  The Kyo team employs a developmental, behavioral approach to therapy, with sessions designed to be highly engaging and naturalistic. To provide comprehensive support for clients and their families, Kyo closely collaborates with educators and health professionals. 

“We love working with children and families, and sharing in their joy as they learn new skills and gain abilities that enhance their lives,” said Melissa Willa, Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer. “Growing Kyo from its beginning has been a rewarding journey, and this rebrand showcases what we’re all about as we move further along the path to helping more children receive effective therapy.” 

Kyo’s research-driven systematic approach is empirically proven to be effective, as they adhere to a structured methodology with each patient’s progress directly measured. Additionally, the programs are designed to be highly cost-conscious. This is made possible through Kyo’s precise analysis and evaluation methods which enable Kyo’s behavior analysts to recommend specific, effective therapy programs for each patient, without unnecessary and wasteful treatment. They are also an in-network provider for most major health insurance plans.

“Having worked in the field of autism diagnosis and treatment for several decades alongside leading researchers and educators from across the globe, I’ve been pleased to work with Kyo as a member of its Scientific Advisory Board to build it into the industry-leading company and resource it is today,” said Dr. Catherine Lord, Ph.D. and George Tarjan Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. “They are truly dedicated to delivering the best possible patient outcomes, through innovative initiatives like their use of treatment data. As they grow, I’m confident they will continue to lead the industry in their science-based and individualized treatments.”

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Kyo Autism Therapy, LLC is a leader in behavior therapy for individuals with autism. With its staff of highly-educated, expertly trained professionals, Kyo works to advance the lives of individuals and families with autism and other special needs through compassionate, evidence-based treatment. Since being founded in 2005, Kyo has expanded from its San Francisco base to serve families across California and the U.S. For more information about Kyo, its programs, and approach, please visit