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Ketamine Wellness Clinic in Salt Lake City officially opens

Salt Lake City — Delic Holdings Corp, a leader in new medicines and treatments for the modern world, today announced its subsidiary, Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC), has officially expanded operations into Utah with the opening of its Salt Lake City location. KWC was acquired by Delic in September 2021 and currently operates 11 ketamine infusion treatment clinics across nine states, delivering more than 61,000 treatments to date.

Located in the suburb of Taylorsville at 6087 South Redwood Road, Suite B, KWC Salt Lake City is the first of the company’s clinics in Utah. With up to seven treatment rooms at the facility, this location will be one of the largest ketamine clinics in the US and the largest ketamine infusion clinic in Utah. The clinic will also create 10 new jobs, with four filled at the outset and an additional six with a full patient schedule.

“Utah currently experiences one of the highest rates of mental health concerns in the country with lower access to care, and KWC aims to serve this new community of patients struggling with treatment-resistant conditions,” says Kevin Nicholson, CEO of KWC and COO for Delic. “KWC is known for providing the highest standard of care and we are committed to providing the most effective and personalized treatment protocol to our patients and support and education to their loved ones.” 

The launch of KWC Salt Lake City allows Delic to execute its strategy of opening ketamine treatment centers in growing cities with the goal of reaching the greatest number of patients and providing reasonably priced treatments.

Matt Stang, co-founder and CEO of Delic, explains, “As the pandemic enters its third year, the need for effective, affordable options for mental health treatments is even more critical. We are thrilled to be opening the first KWC clinic in Utah and building on our promise to make these vital treatments more accessible by expanding our network into underserved communities where they are most needed.”

To commemorate the grand opening, KWC Salt Lake City will host several events for the community to learn more about the clinic and ask questions about ketamine treatments, including an in-person and virtual meet and greet and a spring event that will bring together other local businesses.

For more information about Ketamine Wellness Centers’ locations, services, and hours of operation, please visit https://www.ketaminewellnesscenters.com/locations/.

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