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Ken Garff aids Utahns during the pandemic

Salt Lake City— Built on a heritage of supporting small businesses and communities in need, Ken Garff Automotive is giving a variety of goods and services to help small businesses and affected communities weather the fatigue of the coronavirus pandemic.

For the next 42 weekdays, Ken Garff employees will provide items, such as groceries for seniors, lunch for hospital staff, flowers for teachers, and free passes to open entertainment venues.

“Because Ken Garff Automotive has been built on the strength of community service, this is a very natural step for us,” said Jason Frampton, market president of Ken Garff’s Utah region. “Our employees in dealerships throughout Utah live by the ‘Treat People Right’ motto, so we are purchasing tailored goods and services from local businesses to give to local community members in ways that will make a difference.”

As an extension of Garff’s well-known “We Hear You” campaign, which has run for years, the “We’re Hear for You” initiative begins May 26 and runs Monday through Friday for eight weeks, ending July 23, 2020.

“We recognize some small businesses may have to lay off employees or close, but if we can help with specific goods or services, we hope that helps everyone,” said Frampton.

Ken Garff Nissan Downtown in Salt Lake City kicks off the first act of service with supplies and an ice cream truck for displaced women and children at Salt Lake’s YWCA.

“This morning, our employees will shop for supplies locally, make sure the ice cream truck arrives by noon at YWCA, and deliver newly purchased supplies at 2:30 pm,” said Pat Dunlavy, Ken Garff Nissan Downtown general manager.

Ken Garff’s “We’re Hear For You” outreach this week includes providing lunch from local restaurants to essential workers at a hospital, fire departments, and police stations in one Utah County city and surprising senior citizens with a much-needed gift in Davis County.

“Our employees feel the best way to start summer this year is by giving to deserving people in the community with goods and services purchased from local small businesses,” Frampton said. “It is extremely rewarding to help lighten the load of our neighbors and hard-working community members as we work through this pandemic together.”

The Ken Garff Automotive Group ranks in the top ten automotive groups nationally, while remaining true to Ken’s legacy of making lifelong friends and customers. Ken Garff opened his first dealership in 1932 and quickly built a thriving company that embodied his trademark work ethic and values. The Ken Garff Automotive Group is comprised of 50 dealerships nationwide.