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JUMP by Limitless Flight wins 2022 Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement in immersive/themed customer experiences

SALT LAKE CITY, UT— JUMP by Limitless Flight, the world’s first location-based, hyperreal wingsuit simulation company, announced it has been named a winner of the prestigious Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Thea Award for the Connected Immersion category.

The internationally recognized Thea Award is often referred to as the Oscars for the entertainment industry and is considered one of the greatest honors in the themed experience industry. Founded in 1994, the award honors individuals, projects and technologies in the arena of themed attractions and experiences worldwide. Past award winners have included Universal, Disney, Six Flags, LEGO, Intel and Meow-Wolf.

“It’s really hard to impress the committee, we’ve seen it all and designed it all, but when each of us saw JUMP, we all says, ‘Woah, we want to do this!’ Jump is disruptive and groundbreaking as there is nothing to compare it to—and that’s rare,” says Fri Forjindam, Chief Development Officer, Mycotoo and Chair, Thea Awards Committee.

“It captures the zenith of what we are always trying to achieve with these types of experiences and concentrates a high value, emotional dopamine response that has a heightened reward each time a user experiences JUMP. Jensen and his team are breaking the barrier between fantasy and reality and making something that is perceived as an elitest sport accessible to everyone. JUMP is the alchemy of experience, innovation and technology,” Forjindam adds.

This year, 20 recipients were recognized for their innovative work. The visionary and founder of JUMPJames Jensen received the award news during TEA’s announcement at IAAPA Exposition in Orlando, Fla., on November 15th, 2022. 

“I am extremely happy that JUMP is recognized for its transformational human flight experience. We promise to bring our VR, hyper-real wingsuit simulator to the world,” Jensen commented. “Almost everyone has a desire for human flight, but the real-world imminent danger precludes all but a handful in the world to experience the terrifying, glorious and liberating freedom of flight. Not anymore!”

JUMP uses cutting-edge technology to create hyper-detailed 3D landscapes of some of the world’s most breathtaking BASE jumps—the kind of jumps only the best of the best attempt. At JUMP, users step into a real wingsuit, slide on a custom VR helmet and take the leap to experience innovative next level hyperreality and multi-sensory stimulation.

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