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J. Dawgs celebrates 20 year anniversary with free hot dogs for thousands

Salt Lake City — J. Dawgs, a beloved Utah staple known for its high-quality hot dogs and homemade Special Sauce, celebrates its 20th anniversary with free dawgs on June 25th. Founded in 2004 by a BYU student, Jayson Edwards, who pawned his Fender Telecaster to start a 10×10 hot dog shack now employs over 240 people. J. Dawgs has grown to eight locations across Utah, from Logan to Spanish Fork, and can be found in all major sports stadiums across the state. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite college team or the Utah Jazz, J. Dawgs has become a tradition for many fans.

The vision was simple: to create a place where food is crafted fresh daily using the finest high-quality ingredients. “Great food shared with a friend is hard to beat. That’s why we do it – to bring people together,” says Jayson Edwards, J. Dawgs Founder and CEO. 

His original shack, which he lovingly rebuilt in 2004 in Provo, became a haven for those who appreciated good food and even better conversation. Two decades later, J. Dawgs continues to grow, embodying its original “shack mentality,” which is to “keep things simple and treat people well.” 

Overcoming the Odds:

The success of J. Dawgs is particularly remarkable given the challenges of starting and sustaining a new restaurant concept. According to the National Restaurant Association, around 30% of restaurants fail within their first year. A staggering 80% close within five years of opening, as referenced by In Utah, these numbers are equally daunting, with many new restaurants struggling to survive.

Despite these odds, J. Dawgs has not only endured but flourished, but it is not without hardships. During Covid, “without the support of the community and government programs, there’s a good chance we might not be here today celebrating,” says Edwards. “The loyalty that people feel for the brand is not lost on us”. 

The brand’s commitment to quality, simplicity, and community has resonated with Utahns, allowing it to grow steadily over the past twenty years. The company’s growth is largely driven by word of mouth from loyal customers and fans across the state. “The secret sauce, the hot dogs, the buns, and the toppings are all next level” says Ramona Cutri, a long-time J. Dawgs customer, “But what I think really makes J. Dawgs taste so good is the kindness and happiness from the employees when we go there”. 

A Community Celebration:

To mark this milestone, on June 25th, J. Dawgs will give away free dawgs at its eight brick-and-mortar locations to commemorate 20 years of feeding the community. One dawg per person, no purchase required. Get there early because when they are gone, they’re gone! 

Hot Dog Consumption: 

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Americans consume 7 billion hot dogs, averaging 818 hot dogs per second, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Approximately 38% of yearly hot dog sales occur during the peak season, with 10% in July alone. 

Retail sales data from The Nielsen Company shows that 896 million pounds of hot dogs were sold in 2023, totaling $2.99 billion in retail sales. Baseball fans contribute significantly to this, with 19.4 million hot dogs sold at major league ballparks during the season. July is National Hot Dog Month, which means the hot dog business is just starting to heat up in the state where Utahns enjoy nice weather, neighborhood BBQs, and Fourth of July picnics.

Nationwide Accessibility:

In addition to its physical locations, J. Dawgs has expanded its reach through Goldbelly, allowing fans nationwide to enjoy its signature hot dogs and buns delivered straight to their doorsteps. This nationwide shipping service ensures that everyone, no matter where they live, can experience the unique taste of J. Dawgs.

About J. Dawgs:

Founded in 2004 in a small shack by Jayson Edwards, J. Dawgs has become a staple of the Utah dining scene. It is known for its delicious hot dogs, freshly baked buns, and unique approach to casual dining. With eight locations across the state and a presence in all major sports stadiums, J. Dawgs continues to serve simple, high-quality food in a welcoming environment.


Sarah Edelman

Marketing Director, J. Dawgs

Phone: (480) 559-3427 

Email: [email protected] 

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