St. George, Utah-based aerospace startup rebrands to Intergalactic to reflect bigger ambitions

St. George — Intergalactic, the most advanced thermal systems integrator in aerospace, unveils its new brand. The company was founded in 2016 as Airborne ECS and operated under that name until today. 

In connection with the rebrand, Intergalactic launched a new corporate website,, which includes background on the company, technical overviews of its thermal management systems and products, profiles on company leadership, and more. 

“When we look back on this decade, we’ll remember it as a coming-out party for aviation and space,” says Intergalactic CEO Brian McCann. “There’s an urgency in aerospace right now that we haven’t seen since the Space Race. We’re building an enabling technology to make tomorrow’s moonshots possible.”

Intergalactic is an aerospace systems integrator specializing in building next-generation thermal management systems. Modern aerospace platforms generate unprecedented heat from their mechanical and computing systems, making thermal management a key barrier to a wide range of next-generation applications. 

Intergalactic has pioneered the smallest, lightest, and most advanced thermal management solutions for the civil aviation, defense, and space sectors. Intergalactic has five branded thermal management systems – each with a name inspired by ‘80s sci-fi pop culture – which are comprised of proprietary subsystems, equipment, parts, and processes. Intergalactic also builds “clean sheet” solutions when off-the-shelf options aren’t viable. 

“Our mission is to remove heat barriers in space and sky,” McCann says. “We feel the urgency to innovate in aerospace, and we know that temperature is a limiting factor. We want to be the best in the world at solving that problem. The name ‘Intergalactic’ reflects how broad our goals are, for ourselves and the industry.”

St. George, Utah-based RAM Company purchased a majority stake in Intergalactic in 2019 and relocated the company to Southern Utah from Port Angeles, Wash. Intergalactic currently operates out of RAM Company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in St. George and has committed to become an anchor tenant of the Tech Ridge development along with technology companies busybusy, Vasion, and Zonos

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About Intergalactic

Intergalactic is an aerospace systems integrator that builds the world’s smartest, lightest, and most advanced thermal management systems for the commercial aviation, defense, and space sectors. By combining proprietary parts, processes, and intelligent software, Intergalactic enables boundary-pushing performance and unrivaled reliability on land, sea, air, or space through unrivaled thermal management performance. Learn more at