INTELITECHS announces that they have acquired Total Cloud IT. See what this means for the IT sector here.

INTELITECHS announces acquisition of Total Cloud IT

Salt Lake City — INTELITECHS, a Utah-based managed IT services provider, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Total Cloud IT. The acquisition opens the door to expansion by INTELITECHS into serving a broader group of small to mid-sized businesses across the country with both managed IT and cloud computing services.

“We are pleased to be able to augment our proven model of delivering managed IT services to a larger group of clients across the country,” says founder Jake Hiller. “It’s a win/win – our regional clients now have access to expanded cloud services, and at the same time, previous cloud services-only clients can now benefit from the more comprehensive services INTELITECHS offers in the areas of managed IT and data security,” he added.

With today’s home-based workforce, there is a higher level of concern with data access and end-user security. “So many companies now have more employees working from home than in the office using company and non-company devices to access sensitive data,” says Eric Sessions, co-founder. “We see a significant increase in need for our services like Office 365 security, directory synchronization, multi-factor authentication, SPAM filtering and DMARC/DKIM/SPF configuration and monitoring,” he adds.

INTELITECHS provides managed IT services and IT department staff augmentation by serving as its customer’s outsourced IT department. Its goal is to become clients’ “geek-speak-translators” and to use IT to drive business growth and profitability. The company serves clients across the country with managed IT services, managed backups, 24/7/365 monitoring, and a wide variety of other sophisticated security services. The company also assists clients with hardware sales, cloud-based computing, server migration, and Office 365 support. What sets INTELITECHS apart from other technology companies is its focus on partnership with clients versus just being an IT vendor. With its home office in Salt Lake City, UT, the company now serves small to medium-sized businesses across the country.