Park City human performance company, Momentous announces a Series A round led by DSM Venturing. Find the details of the round here.

Human performance company, Momentous announces Series A

Park City — Momentous, a leading human performance company that focuses on supplementation and nutrition, today announced its Series A round of $6.5 million led by DSM Venturing. The Series A comes on the heels of last year’s merger with Amp Human and the April announcement of a partnership with Andrew Huberman, who will serve as a scientific advisor for the brand.

The funds will be used to help support the launch of new products and technology developments that will begin to roll out later this year, largely empowered by a strategic partnership with the DSM-backed personalized nutrition company and brand incubator Hologram Sciences.

“At its core, the mission of Momentous has been to provide best-in-class products for high-performance users in an industry that can often be watered down and challenging to navigate as a consumer,” says Momentous CEO Jeff Byers. “Over time, we achieved this by developing products with some of the brightest minds across multiple disciplines in the human performance space. Because of this, we’ve earned the trust of over 200 professional sports franchises and collegiate athletic programs to help fuel and replenish their athletes, as well as the United States Military, who has awarded Momentous with eight contracts to help develop high-performance solutions geared toward the brave men and women that protect our country. At this stage in our growth, we are thrilled to align with Hologram Sciences, and DSM Venturing, to grow the brand to new heights and revolutionize our holistic approach to wellness in the future.”

Hologram Sciences helps rapidly develop and deliver consumer brands to help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives by reimagining the future of nutrition — bringing together proven science, pioneering technology, and habit-building to create truly personalized solutions that drive lasting consumer relationships.

The partnership resulted in DSM Venturing leading the round as well as adding to the impressive roster of Momentous athlete-investors to support the development of evolved personalized nutrition solutions and technology for customers living a high-performance lifestyle.

“We are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Momentous, as they continue to expand into the forefront of human performance,” said Hologram Sciences CEO Ian Brady. “This partnership is Hologram’s third personalized nutrition initiative and sets the stage for exciting innovations that will leverage our personalized nutrition solutions, evidence-based supplementation, pioneering technology, and habit-building techniques to support the achievement of high-performing lives in sport and in life.”

DSM Venturing is the venture capital arm of DSM, the global, purpose-led leader in Health, Nutrition, and Bioscience. DSM Venturing provides funding, coaching, and support for early-stage high-potential businesses that align with the company’s mission of enabling a healthier future for people and the planet.

Joining the impressive athlete-investor group that already includes the likes of NBA All-Stars Jrue Holiday (Milwaukee Bucks) and Al Horford (Boston Celtics), NFL Pro Bowlers Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota Vikings) and Ndamukong Suh, former professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, and IRONMAN Champion Lucy Charles-Barclay is Tour de France winner and Olympic Champion, Geraint Thomas, IRONMAN Champion, Olympian, and World Tour Cyclist Cam Wurf, Olympian and Boston Marathon winner Des Linden and former NFL Pro Bowler Luke Kuechly.

“Training and recovery as a player were two things I took very seriously, especially through the lens of nutrition, and is something that’s often overlooked in everyday wellness,” said new Momentous investor Luke Kuechly. “I always felt that what I put into my body to support my training and recovery was something I was able to control in an environment where so much is out of your hands. Although I am no longer competing on the football field, the training and fitness component of my life has continued. Momentous is a brand that is delivering solutions that provide me the opportunity to maximize my training and allow the continued performance benefits and recovery aspect I took so seriously as a player. Having spent several years with Jeff as a teammate on the field, I’m excited to reunite with him as teammates in the business world. He and the Momentous team have done a great job with the brand, and I am excited to now join as an investor as we continue to deliver products and solutions to all fitness enthusiasts.”


Based in Park City, Utah, Momentous is a holistic wellness and nutrition company, with a mission to empower the relentless pursuit of progress in health and performance. Designed by the brightest minds in performance athletics, but available for the everyday wellness enthusiast, Momentous is the first and only supplement brand to build formulas directly with experts from each of the four Major American Sports Leagues, launching in 2018 with a line of products designed by performance directors and dietitians from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. In 2021, Momentous merged with Amp Human to bring both brands under the Momentous brand identity. Amp Human’s flagship product, PR Lotion, unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb to neutralize pH in the muscle during exercise, allowing athletes – from professional to recreational – to train harder, perform stronger and recover faster. PR Lotion is used by teams and athletes across the NHL, NFL, and NBA, and is the training product of choice for IRONMANChampions, Tour de France Winners, and Olympians. For more information please visit