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Historic Utah cannery receives new life in Eden

Eden, UT—A piece of Utah history has received a new lease on life after Eden-based investor and owner of Blacksmith Village and Sunnyfield Farm purchased the historic West Point Cannery to prevent its demolition in 2015. The historic building has now been disassembled and rebuilt using its original materials in Blacksmith Village in Eden, Utah.

The West Point Cannery originally got its start in 1925, when the classic building was constructed to operate as a canning company, providing 63 jobs within the community. Located near 3100 West and 300 North in West Point, the facility was primarily used for canning locally grown tomatoes, and was in continual operation through the 1950s. After sitting unutilized for several decades, the building was set to be demolished before Sunnyfield stepped in. 

“We couldn’t let this beautiful building go to waste knowing that there was something we could do to preserve a piece of Utah’s history,” said a representative of Sunnyfield. “Having recently restored Sunnyfield Farm and having built Blacksmith Village around historic pillars in Eden, we knew that this cannery would fit right into the mix. Plus, it was rather serendipitous because canneries were often built close to farms so that the foods could be canned at the point of maximum freshness. The rebuild next to Sunnyfield Farm provides an opportunity to usher in a new era of canning and fresh production in our community or embark on a new line of business for us all to rally behind in the next chapter of this classic building’s story.”

Every brick, post, and various element from the original site waited in storage until 2022 when the disassembled cannery pieces were brought to Eden to restore this piece of Utah history brick by brick. Approximately 80,000 original bricks and about 80,000 pounds of reclaimed wood were saved and have been used in the cannery reconstruction effort.

Modifications were made through the cannery’s assembly to adhere to modern building standards and codes. The brick walls were replaced with cinderblock, and the original bricks were added to the exterior and interior of the building, creating 19-inch-thick walls. Additionally, several of the original load-bearing wooden beams were substituted with steel I-beams to create a free-span design. The original reclaimed wood has been utilized in other design and structural elements of the new space. The completed structure spans 7,500 square feet and is receiving its finishing touches, with expected completion by early February 2024.

Sunnyfield is currently looking for tenants for the next generation of this classic landmark, which offers one to eight units for lease. If interested, please contact Shawn Clegg, at 801-232-4153 or visit

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PR Manager 

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