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Encouraging kids to live beyond the screen with Gabb Wireless

Salt Lake City–Today, parents know how challenging it is to balance protecting kids and managing their screen time while staying connected with family. Current technology is both a blessing and a curse; to find and communicate with your child whenever is ideal— a stranger’s ability to do so is another story.

To empower parents and encourage kids to live beyond the screen, Gabb Wireless will take the next leap forward in kids’ phones and tech parents can trust on Saturday, Aug. 1. The company will announce new products, services and partnerships to help parents safeguard kids from inappropriate content and other online threats. These announcements include partnerships with Defend Innocence, BYU and Gabb Ambassadors, role models of what kids can accomplish today when they live beyond the screen. 

The company is bringing in some of the nation’s youngest elite athletes and artists as Gabb Ambassadors to help deliver the important message, including: 

  • Caiden Cernius (9)—BMX—Vancouver, Washington
  • Jake Adams (11)—Slalom Water Ski—Salt Lake City
  • Kelana Humphrey (12)—Supercross—Temecula, California
  • Jackson Dorian (13)—Surf—Big Island, Hawaii
  • Tyler Gordon (13) – Painter — San Jose, California 
  • Sierra Kerr (13) — Golf/Surf — Carlsbad, California
  • Kalli Minor (13) — Tennis — Los Angeles, California
  • Kai Jones (13) — Ski/Snowboard—Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Samantha (Sam) Gordon (17) – Football — Salt Lake City
  • Lexi Mae Walker (18) – Singer/Songwriter — Salt Lake City

Many of the athletes and artists will participate in the announcement, sharing how Gabb has helped them achieve their goals while staying safe and connected to their families. 

“I used to have a smartphone, and I wasted a bunch of time just playing games and staring at social media,” said water skier, Jake Adams. “Having a Gabb phone helps me live a more intentional life.”