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Fruit Heights City launches water conservation program

Fruit Heights— Fruit Heights City, Utah has introduced a first-of-its-kind city-wide pilot program to encourage residential water conservation.

The Smart Water, Smart Controller conservation program, in partnership with local manufacturer Hydro-Rain (Orbit Irrigation) and Weber Basin Water Conservation District, allows residents to upgrade their in-ground irrigation controller to a smart controller for a fraction of the retail price. The upgraded controllers will significantly reduce water waste for city owned properties, businesses, religious properties, and residential areas.

The water conservation pilot program is the result of Fruit Height’s strategic plan to explore ways for encouraging behavioral change in water usage. The implementation of the Smart Water, Smart Controller program became a reality due to hundreds of hours of planning and coordination from Hydo-Rain, Weber Basin Water Conservation District and the City of Fruit Heights, to explore possibilities for encouraging residential water conservation within Davis County.

Preliminary forecasts show that The Smart Water, Smart Controller pilot program will conserve on average over 1,000,000 gallons of water for every rainstorm throughout the spring, summer and fall irrigation seasons.

“The Smart Water, Smart Controller program was implemented to provide the tools necessary for our residents to change their behaviors,” said John Pohlman, Fruit Heights City Mayor. “We know everyone wants to participate in water conservation at some level, but change can be difficult. As the residents in Fruit Heights are able to understand their role in water conservation, this program will open the door to allow everyone to do their part.”

Residential water conservation has been a hot topic in Davis County for many years and Weber Basin Water Conservation District along with Hydro-Rain are excited to work with Fruit Heights as a partnering city for this pilot program.

About Hydro-Rain

Hydro-Rain is a Davis County manufacture of contractor-grade irrigation products with high standards for engineering, manufacturing, and customer service. The smart controller technology is backed by engineering and a system component package that installs faster and “greener” than that of industry competitors.

About Weber Basin Water Conservation District
As the regional water supplier within the Ogden and Weber River drainages, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District provides a wide variety of water supplies within the area and is continually developing new strategies to conserve water and extend existing supplies. The District delivers approximately 230,000 acre-feet annually of treated wholesale municipal water to over 675,000 residents within Davis, Weber, Morgan, Summit, and Box Elder counties.

About Fruit Heights City

Incorporated in 1939, Fruit Heights is a residential community on the east bench of Davis County with nearly 7,000 residents. Nicknamed the “City of Good Neighbors” because it was once covered with orchards and required many hands during the harvest, Fruit Heights has transitioned to a residential community and is proud of its history that everyone can do their part to accomplish seemingly overwhelming goals.

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