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Introducing Free Living Co: Your one-stop shop for verified clean and eco-friendly products

Park City, UT—In an era where healthy living is more important than ever, Free Living Co has emerged as a game changer, offering our community a convenient and reliable solution for making wellness a top priority. With a mission to empower individuals to live free from harmful ingredients found in personal and household products, Free Living Co is proud to introduce its all-in-one platform dedicated to clean living. 

Free Living Co believes that true well-being starts with the products you use every day. Many consumers face the challenge of sifting through misleading labels and confusing ingredient lists, even in products from stores claiming high standards. Harmful ingredients are a silent concern meaning the effects may not be immediately noticeable, but they can lead to serious health disruptions like developmental & reproductive effects, immunotoxicity, and life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. 

To address this issue, Free Living Co has taken the guesswork out of healthy living. We scrutinize every label, employing the Environmental Working Group’s verification standards, so consumers don’t have to. Our commitment to transparency and trustworthiness means that there are only verified clean products on the platform, no middle-of-the-road, questionable, or greenwashed products. You can trust that each product has met the highest health, quality, and sustainability standards. We offer local products that meet our standards whenever possible. 

But Free Living Co goes beyond offering the cleanest product standards. We are also committed to environmental responsibility. We give you back your recycling bin by delivering products to your doorstep across the entire spectrum of wellness, from personal care and beauty essentials to household cleaners, kitchen staples, and home décor. The wide range of offerings ensures that your whole lifestyle can be aligned with your healthy living and sustainability goals. 

“At Free Living Co, we understand the importance of living free from harmful ingredients and promoting a lifestyle that is not only good for you and your family but also for the planet. We want to make it easy for consumers to make better choices without compromising on convenience or quality,” said Dana Grinnell, the Founder of the company. 

Join us in our mission to redefine healthy living and environmental responsibility. Visit today to discover a world of well-being that makes no compromises. Your health, your home, and your planet will thank you. Live free! 

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Free Living Co


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About Free Living Co 

Free Living Co is a Park City-based company dedicated to providing consumers with verified clean and eco-friendly products. With a commitment to transparency, harmful ingredient-free products, and environmental consciousness, we have created a one-stop shop for those looking to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.