Datajoin, a SaaS company that helps B2B marketers integrate their tech stack through ‘Micro Integrations’, has raised a $3.5M seed round led by Sepio Capital.

First Polynesian-founded VC Backed tech company, Datajoin raises a $3.5M seed round

Salt Lake City —Datajoin, a SaaS company that helps B2B marketers integrate their tech stack through ‘Micro Integrations’, has raised a $3.5M seed round led by Sepio Capital.

“The marketing tech stack is broken,” says Datajoin founder and CEO, Sam Fonoimoana.

“Marketers are frustrated with how much time and effort it takes to integrate their technology. They’re waiting months for their engineering, and IT teams to build internal solutions, which usually end up at the end of the request queue.”

“Datajoin’s Micro Integrations make integration simple and easy—with implementation measured in days, not months.”

According to Gartner, “marketers are only using 58 percent of their Martech stack’s potential,” leaving 42 percent of marketing tools underutilized and millions worth of efficiencies on the table. This siloed capacity is wasted because of the number of tools and the lack of integration between them.

“There are more tools in the marketing stack than at Home Depot,” says Fonoimoana.

“Most marketing tools are really good at what they do, but they are really bad at talking to each other. Stack fragmentation is hurting marketing teams — Micro Integrations change all that.”

Fonoimoana is referring to Datajoin’s proprietary solution dubbed “Micro Integrations.” Micro Integrations synchronize customer data between applications in your marketing stack without code or engineering resources.

As an official Adobe partner, Datajoin serves a handful of fortune 500 companies, including Adobe, Cisco, Comcast, and ARM, with a 100 percent satisfaction rate. Datajoin decided to pursue additional funding to meet the demands of its expanding client list.

Sepio Capital is a $5B+ multi-family institutional investment advisory firm with internal venture capital operations. Mitch Rencher, Managing Director at Sepio Capital, leads the seed round. 

“I am thrilled to partner with Mitch at Sepio Capital,” says Fonoimoana. “He immediately caught the vision of who I am and what I am trying to build – from both a marketing analytics standpoint and for the future of tech diversity here in the state of Utah and in tech,” Fonoimoana continued.

“Some of the most sophisticated enterprise marketing technology companies in the world view Sam and the team at Datajoin as ‘Data Ninjas’. Datajoin’s value proposition was immediately apparent in customer conversations as they’ve delivered 10x outcomes. We are excited to back Datajoin as they put marketers back in control of their marketing data.” says Mitch Rencher – Managing Director at Sepio.

Powered by this seed funding from Sepio, Datajoin plans to hire key talent in the areas of product, engineering, marketing, and sales.

In closing this seed round, Fonoimoana becomes the first VC-Backed Founder and CEO in tech of Polynesian descent.

“We hope this is the first of many Polynesian-founded venture-backed businesses and are determined to make Datajoin a success story that other founders, investors, and communities point to for inspiration.”