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Leap contracting software now works hand-in-hand with EnerBank USA® payment options

Salt Lake City— EnerBank USA announced today a strategic partnership with Leap, the industry-leading point-of-sale application. The strategic partnership gives home improvement contractors a competitive edge by including EnerBank payment options within Leap’s system. Leap customers now have one seamless application to build estimates and proposals and offer EnerBank payment options on home improvement projects.

With the Leap application and EnerBank strategic partnership, customers can use a single tool to build estimates, proposals, and contracts; and securely apply for financing and receive an immediate credit decision through the EnerBank integrated portal. 

“The Leap/EnerBank partnership will help remodeling contractors win more projects through this easy-to-use application,” said Charlie Knadler, CEO of EnerBank. “We know that when contractors offer payment options for home improvement projects, they boost their close rate and grow average project sizes. Customers also win because they go from dream to plan to funding their projects in one easy process.”

The Leap application was developed for use by home improvement specialists in any vertical. Leap is completely customized to each business, correcting their lengthy, error-ridden sales processes and seamlessly integrating with industry-leading lending firms like EnerBank to provide in-app payment options to customers. This helps sales reps close deals onsite and provide customers with credit approvals in seconds.

“We’re thrilled to partner with EnerBank USA. As an industry-leading lender, they provide our customers access to the loan products needed to win jobs. As partners, we can now deliver those products to the kitchen table with greater speed and simplicity,” said Wauker Matthews, COO of Leap.

EnerBank payment options are available now for all Leap customers. For more information about how contractors can grow their business by boosting close rates and growing their average project size, visit EnerBank at enerbank.com/contractors today. To learn more and request a free demo of the Leap application, visit http://leaptodigital.com/enerbank.