Utah’s Employers Council to hold HR Leadership 2020 Virtual Conference

Salt Lake City— Utah’s Employers Council invites HR leaders to refuel personally and professionally with the 2020 HR Leadership Virtual Conference on Tuesday, September 1 from 11am-3pm CDT. This year’s theme focuses on building endurance, agility and resilience and has brought together a line up of presenters to energize and inspire HR professionals as the world continues to navigate a new reality.

This year’s speakers include Patrick Lencioni, founder and president of The Table Group; Captain Ron Johnson, retired from Missouri Highway Patrol; Robyn Benincasa, adventure racing world champion; and Simon Sinek, adjunct staff member of Rand Corporation. The half-day conference is designed for leaders, managers and compensation, benefits and HR professionals at all levels. Four breakout sessions will help HR pros feel focused and encouraged to continue to keep workforces engaged, safe and productive during such unpredictable times. Sessions include:

  • 4 Actionable Steps to Achieving Long-term, Sustainable Success with Patrick Lencioni
  • Worthy Leadership with Captain Ron Johnson
  • Inspiring Greatness through G.R.I.T. with Robyn Benincasa
  • The Infinite Game with Simon Sinek

“Employers Council is thrilled to be a part of the conference that will buoy up HR professionals in need of some encouragement and pointers on how to keep moving forward right now,” said Ryan D. Nelson, president of Employer Council’s Utah office. “Though we wish it could be in person, we are grateful to still have a way to reach a large number of employers at this time. The conference will give HR professionals ideas and tips for new practices to help navigate the abnormal workplace issues we are currently facing. We encourage all who can to listen in and let the conference be a line of support.”

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