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EDGE brings wildlife special ops fast-rope program to South Africa

Park City— At the request of the Department of Defense Cooperation (US Embassy, South Africa), EDGE began a program to offer a unique “special ops” skill to help protect a National Park in South Africa last month.

EDGE is extremely proud to work with the US Consulate in Cape Town, along with NCC FIRE, Table Mountain National Park and SANParks to support the brave firefighters protecting Table Mountain National Park.

EDGE experts have the opportunity to bring fast-rope techniques to these men and women so they can drop directly from a hovering helicopter to get ahead of quick-moving fires.

President Nathan Edmondson says “EDGE is a proud friend of South Africa National Parks and is devoted to supporting and enhancing the mission to protect these national treasures.  Wildlife Special Ops means offering unique solutions for wild places and the communities that protect them.”

EDGE continues to introduce and institute other “Wildlife Special Ops,” including advanced K9 patrol capabilities, night vision and non-lethal Airsoft techniques to prepare Wildlife Rangers to face armed suspects.

The organization boasts unparalleled capabilities and is a non-profit unique to Wildlife Protection in Africa.

Edmondson adds: “EDGE is ambitious and forward-leaning.  We have the best skills in the world to bring to the only war that’s ever been fought for wildlife.  We’re proud to be on the frontlines to protect rhino, lion, elephant and pangolin and more — our mission is clear, and we need support to do what we do.”

The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to devastate wildlife protection, Edmondson says.  “On the frontlines, desperation and loss of opportunity, as well as loss of tourism and hunting revenue, has made endangered wildlife incredibly vulnerable.  The situation is dire.  On a support side, donations have slowed drastically, making our mission much harder. We are committed to stopping poaching and grateful to have a role in this noble fight.”

LInk to EDGE’s site: www.ecodefensegroup.org

Link to the US Consulate General video: https://twitter.com/USConsulateCT/status/1235921550257401856?s=20

About EDGE

Founded in 2017, Ecological Defense Group (EDGE) is an EDGE is a 501c3 devoted to the ambitious protection of African wildlife.  We were founded on the frontlines of the poaching crisis and work in multiple African countries with international partners to protect, preserve and ensure a future for Africa’s most targeted and vulnerable species. We want results, not headlines.  We employ quiet professionals.