360 Degrees Restaurant Group announced that they have opened the first boutique dry bottle shop in Utah. Find the details here.

360 Degrees Restaurant Group opens first boutique dry bottle shop in Utah   

Ogden — 360 Degrees Restaurant Group, owners of Pig & a Jelly Jar and WB’s  Eatery, have created a full boutique Dry Bottle Shop with a selection of non-alcoholic spirits and wine for those who desire the ritual of enjoying a special beverage but without the alcohol.  

Some say this trend is the result of consumers turning to the bottle too often during Covid while others say this is just a healthier and tastier way of enjoying a beverage like everyone else.  

360 Degrees’ selection of spirits includes bourbon, whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, and aperitifs. Wine options include a large selection of red and white varietals from Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and California.  

“Our goal was to create an environment that would be inclusive of all guests, whether they consumed alcohol or not.” says Vivi Wanderley-Britt, CMO of 360 Degrees Restaurant Group. “There can be numerous reasons non-alcoholic craft cocktails appeal to many people. Health conditions, limiting alcohol consumption, or even expectant mothers. Whatever their reason, we can now offer customers tasty dry  cocktails that pair well with food and enhance the experience for everyone at our restaurants.”

Currently, the zero-proof bottles of spirits and wine can be purchased at WB’s in Ogden and will soon be available at Pig’s Kitchen located in Holladay. Purchases can also be made online at Prices for wine range from $15-$30 per bottle. Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and gyms can arrange to do tastings at WB’s where they can make purchases wholesale.  

For more information on 360 Degrees Restaurant Group and how you can get your hands on a dry bottle,  visit us at 

About 360 Degrees Restaurant Group:  

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