Filevine, the industry-leading legal operating system, today announced the launch of Docs by Filevine, a cutting-edge standalone document management system (DMS) that challenges incumbents like iManage and NetDocuments.

Filevine shatters legaltech duopoly with launch of Docs by Filevine: The first fair-priced, standalone document management system

Salt Lake City — Filevine, the industry-leading legal operating system, today announced the launch of Docs by Filevine, a cutting-edge standalone document management system (DMS) that challenges incumbents like iManage and NetDocuments. Docs by Filevine empowers law firms to escape the high costs and limited functionality of legacy solutions, offering a feature-rich, secure, and affordable alternative.

For years, law firms have been held hostage by the high costs and restrictive practices of some DMS providers. These DMS providers charge exorbitant fees for limited storage and functionality, while locking firms into closed ecosystems that hinder innovation. Filevine is shattering this status quo.

Cloud storage costs have consistently decreased over the past 10 years, meanwhile legacy DMS systems continue to increase what they charge customers. “Law firms deserve better,” said Ryan Anderson, CEO and Co-founder of Filevine. “Docs by Filevine offers unlimited storage, robust security, and powerful features like AI-powered OCR and e-signatures, all at a fraction of the cost of competitors.”

Docs by Filevine breaks the mold with:

  • Unbeatable Price: Significantly lower cost than legacy DMS providers, freeing up valuable resources for law firms.
  • Unlimited Storage: First and only DMS on the market to provide unlimited storage at a flat rate.
  • Unmatched Functionality: Advanced AI tools, robust security features, and seamless collaboration capabilities.

Customers are already seeing significant change in their practice with Docs by Filevine, which comes in at roughly half the price of competitive solutions. Strong & Hanni Law Firm, PC switched to Filevine after incurring costs of $6,000-$8,000 per month for exceeding their allotted storage space with another DMS provider.

“The switch from NetDocuments to Docs by Filevine has been a game-changer, especially considering the exponential growth of data we’re seeing,” said Denney Fifield, Director of Technology Services at Strong & Hanni PC. “We were getting hit with ‘luxury taxes’ on our storage like crazy. Not only have we cut our costs, but the features and functionality offered by Filevine have improved our workflows and collaboration tremendously.”

In addition to eliminating document storage limitations and added fees, Docs by Filevine also introduces a wide range of features that change the game for legal professionals, who spend much of their day dealing with documents. The package includes several features not offered by other solutions, including a project activity feed, enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities, e-signature collection, efax, contact management, task management collaboration tools, email integration, texting, and basic reporting. It also includes the free version of Filevine’s AI-powered virtual assistant tool, SidebarAI, giving users 7-day look-back summaries to help track tasks and stay on top of communication, and AI Document Review, which uses the power of AI to extract and organize information from documents. 

This launch underscores Filevine’s commitment to revolutionizing legal work. Docs by Filevine, coupled with Filevine’s existing legal matter/case management and AI-powered tools, provides a comprehensive and affordable solution for law firms of all sizes.

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