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Diana Wilkerson | Photographed by MANICPROJECT

Diana Wilkerson | HR Achievement Awards 2024

Diana Wilkerson | Photographed by MANICPROJECT
Diana Wilkerson | Photographed by MANICPROJECT

Human Resources Manager | City Cast


What is a moment from your career that had a particular impact on you?

When I started my HR career, I was fortunate enough to have Rob Duffin as my boss. Every Monday, we’d lead new hire orientation together. Rob would share a personal story of a costly mistake he had made in his career, encouraging the group to own up to mistakes. You could have heard a pin drop in the room when Rob shared this story. It resonated with everyone! One Friday morning, I realized I’d forgotten to submit payroll the day prior. Bracing myself for the worst, I called Rob, communicating to him what happened and my plan to salvage the situation. His response wasn’t one of anger or disappointment but of gratitude for my honesty. Our incredible accounting team jumped in, coming into the office over the weekend to cut checks for those who couldn’t wait until Monday. I worked to implement some stringent protocols to prevent this from happening in the future. Rob made all the difference to the outcome of the situation because he believed in me. The response of unwavering support was a pivotal moment and an example of the leader I strive to be. What you can achieve is amazing when you have a great coach who believes in your potential.

How does the company of the future take care of its employees?

When individuals feel they belong and are valued and appreciated, they’re more inclined to stay and contribute to your company. Remember names, family details and personal milestones. Check in and support professional goals. These are simple gestures that can help contribute to someone feeling they belong.

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