DevPipeline in Utah is changing how America sees tech career development

Orem — DevPipeline is disrupting education and employment in tech by providing another pathway to success for Americans eager to build their skill sets and get to work.

Providing Americans with the tech skills they need

It’s estimated that over 1 million tech roles are unfilled every year, and that number will only increase in the future. In order to fill those roles, American workers need specialized skills, training, and on-the-job experience that our universities simply aren’t yet structured to provide.  Building people, bridging this gap between education and employment, and changing the culture of tech companies is the reason DevPipeline was founded. 

First and foremost a social impact organization, DevPipeline is committed to technical skills and career development, and to employing and training as many people as possible who want to get into technical careers. They provide full-stack web development and Salesforce training, and employment opportunities to individuals, while also providing Salesforce and Web Development Consultancy Services to businesses. 

Founded in 2020 by Jason Fletcher, the CEO and key visionary behind the project, DevPipeline provides a unique opportunity to open the doors of tech employment to more people than ever before — and they are already seeing success putting their unique model into action. Fletcher has over 30 years of software development experience, experience that led to his co-founded project management software company WorkFront (formerly AtTask) being sold to Adobe for $1.5 billion.  Fletcher then brought on a team of mentors, web developers, and Salesforce experts who are providing Salesforce consulting services to DevPipeline clients while training web development apprentices. 

Disrupting traditional education and training

DevPipeline is carrying out career development through a unique approach that integrates nonprofit, educational institutions, government, employer partners, and impact investors. While they work with many stakeholders, their program extends to a broad audience, including unemployed and underemployed Americans seeking a pathway into a stable career in tech. Many Americans want to improve their skills or make career changes but can’t afford to do it if it means giving up their current employment. That’s why DevPipeline believes in “earn while you learn”.  It’s not a bootcamp, it’s not a 2 or 4-year degree; rather, it is a stackable credentials certification program with on-the-job training and mentorship.  

DevPipeline believes in “owning your journey”. Progressing at their own rate of growth, employees pass milestones in their technical and professional development on their way to becoming employable software developers and/or Salesforce administrators, developers, and solution architects.  

Currently, DevPipeline and Snow College have formed a partnership to provide continuing education for individuals who are upskilling and wanting to break into the tech industry. See the DevPipeline Tech Opportunity Fund.

Fully committed to students

DevPipeline provides Salesforce consultancy and other web and software development services for a variety of clients, both private and nonprofit. This work provides real-world, on-the-job training to DevPipeline apprentices, and allows DevPipeline clients the opportunity to experience the competencies of prospective tech talent that they may hire upon the apprentices’ completion of the program.  The organization makes a habit of standing by their apprentices by hiring them for full-time employment at DevPipeline, or placing them with Employer Partners as full-stack web developers, Salesforce admins, or Salesforce developers.

Building a better system for skills and career development

Much of the current activity at DevPipeline is centered around implementing more Salesforce training and experience into their program, allowing for their full-stack web developers to have cross-functional skill sets that prepare them for the onslaught of Salesforce job openings in the coming years. It’s estimated that over 4 million jobs requiring skills in Salesforce will be created by 2024.  DevPipeline currently offers Salesforce Consulting, Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Migration, Salesforce Integrations, and Salesforce Development. They offer full support from top Salesforce administrators with multiple Salesforce certifications.  Their experts have implemented Salesforce to small nonprofits all the way to organizations with over 10,000 users. See DevPipeline’s Salesforce Development Page for more information.

DevPipeline is disrupting the way that Americans seek training and employment, and building a more effective framework to prepare people for both the jobs of today and those of tomorrow.  If the projections on Salesforce jobs by 2024 are any indication, we will need more companies like DevPipeline to arm the American workforce with the skills they need to fill those gaps. A true pipeline from education, to on-the-job training, to successful careers is the ideal vision for American employers and workers alike. In order to realize that vision, employers need to partner with training organizations like DevPipeline. For more info email:  [email protected]