Deal Captains capitalize on their Travel as a Service Program

Utah— We’ve all heard of SaaS for years, and most companies invest in multiple SaaS services that help their companies work more efficiently.

So what exactly is TaaS? Travel as a Service, a fee-based corporate travel service with a monthly membership determined by the number and type of Travelers you’ll have. Maximum benefits focused on the traveler include low touch to high touch services and ease of use. 100 percent transparency geared to the business traveler, their needs, and the company’s needs, providing access to the travel tools they use today and the latest innovation in the industry. Not to mention the best customer service you can find by the most talented industry veterans.

DealCaptains have taken this concept and commercial model into the travel industry. They are shaking things up in the corporate travel management industry, making your business trips more cost-effective and efficient. Two things every company needs.

“Starting a travel & technology company right before Covid was not ideal; however, as business travel starts to rebound, travelers are and will continue to feel the impact Covid had on the travel industry and suppliers. Our focus is to allow travelers to create a one-of-a-kind experience, a user-centric TaaS company that will be the leader and drive innovation in the travel sector to new heights,” states Lisa Simpkins, DealCaptains Founder, and CEO

 Clients will benefit from programs such as their DCX Consulting, a professional team of business travel experts that deliver a broad range of services for the modern post-Covid world. Whether you need to start from scratch or improve your company’s current travel program, DCX has experienced consultants who can guide and mentor you through what could be a tedious process into an efficient one with successful results.

Companies interested in learning more can find DealCaptains at