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Davis Tech and Rasa forge alliance to empower justice-impacted students with criminal record clearance solutions

Salt Lake City — Davis Technical College and Rasa are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership aimed at providing vital support to justice-impacted students. This collaboration is the first of its kind and will help students to navigate the complexities of past criminal records, allowing them a fair chance at employment and professional licensure after graduation.

“Even old and minor records can hold people back long after their involvement in the justice system,” said Noella Sudbury, CEO and Founder of Rasa. “Our mission is to help the Davis Tech community overcome the obstacle of a criminal record before it hinders their opportunities for employment or applying for a professional license.”

As part of the partnership, all current and former Davis Tech students will receive free access to Rasa’s cutting-edge eligibility tool, which can tell students what is on their criminal record, and whether it is eligible for expungement. The tool will also use information reported by the student to connect them to fair chance employment opportunities and other community resources.

“Knowledge is power, and by equipping our students and graduates with the means to overcome challenges, we are enabling them to pursue better job opportunities and achieve their personal as well as professional goals,” said Darin Brush, President of Davis Tech.

Rasa and Davis Tech will host a dynamic event on June 18th, 2024, from 6-7:30 pm at Davis Tech, located at 435 Simmons Way, Kaysville UT, 84037. At the event, the partners will introduce the partnership, demo the tool, and feature a community panel discussion on how supporting justice impacted students benefits employers, promotes public safety, strengthens the economy, and leads to a better future for Davis County.

Panelists include:

  • Brian Redd, Executive Director, Utah Department of Corrections
  • President Darin Brush, Davis Technical College
  • Commissioner Lorene Kamalu, Davis County 
  • Amy Daeschel, CSW, CASUDC, Justice Impacted Advocate

The event is open to the public. For more information about the event and to RSVP, visit

“We know that one of the best ways to reduce recidivism is to provide access to education and employment.  Even an old and minor criminal record can be a barrier to both things,” said panelist Brian Redd, Executive Director, Utah Department of Corrections. “Helping eligible people move past their records into good jobs strengthens our community and improves public safety for us all.”

Approximately 1 in 4 Utahns has a criminal record, hindering their access to employment and other opportunities. This exclusionary practice not only stifles individual potential but also incurs an estimated $87 billion annual loss to the national economy.

About 90 percent of employers ask about a person’s criminal history on a job application.  People with records have a 22% unemployment rate, and that number is even higher for formerly incarcerated people. Research indicates that individuals without records are 63% more likely to secure job interviews, with their wages increasing by over 22% within a year of record clearance. 

More than 90% of people eligible to clear their records have not made it through the process. Most people need a lawyer to help them successfully clear their record, and unfortunately, most people cannot afford one.

“We take pride in spearheading Utah’s initiative to lead the nation in providing second chances through expungement,” said Sudbury. “We hope to see many more partnerships with colleges, universities, and employers to offer relief to students who are held back by old criminal records.”

“We see this partnership as a way to support not only students, but the businesses and employers we work with by offering a more diversified and prepared pool of talent to enter the workforce.” said Darin Brush, President of Davis Tech. “Too many students and graduates are overlooked because of past mistakes, and we hope to prevent that in the future.”

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About Rasa

Rasa is a legal tech company on a mission to provide simple and affordable criminal record expungement. The company developed sophisticated computer software that analyzes criminal record databases and streamlines many of the complex and time-consuming steps associated with determining eligibility for expungement. These affordable expungement services clear a path for access to housing and jobs, higher wages, and a better quality of life for those who have been held back by background checks. For more information, visit

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