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30 Women to Watch 2024

Danielle (Danni) Wright | 30 Women to Watch 2024

30 Women to Watch 2024
Danielle Wright | Photographed by Beka Price Photography

Managing Director, Head of Utah & Idaho; Chairwoman of Utah Market Leadership Team | J.P. Morgan Private Bank


Danni Wright began her career with an undergraduate degree in business strategy from Brigham Young University. She was recruited to J.P. Morgan Private Bank and spent nearly 15 years serving clients in the Mountain West, Texas and New York. Danni quickly climbed the ranks and became the youngest member of the U.S. Private Bank Operating Committee in 2019 as the head of business management. In this role, she oversaw an organization of nearly 3,000 employees with ~$800B in assets under management, drove large-scale initiatives that grew revenue by +$1B, and built and managed a team of 200 across business development, execution and administration. She was also selected to oversee the creation of business conduct training for nearly 20,000 employees. With just a year under her belt in her current role, Danni has implemented practices to provide elevated services for clients, has doubled the size of her team and is actively serving on a number of boards to promote business growth within the state.

What is an accomplishment you’re very proud of?

I am proud of my ability to organize teams that succeed amidst crisis. Some of my accomplishments over the years have come out of very challenging times and been the make-or-break moment for my clients, employees and myself. Examples include my involvement in creating the SBA & PPP loan program for J.P. Morgan Private Bank, as well as leading the private bank COVID response, where I lead a team to navigate complex regulatory protocols, technology and trading requirements for thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of clients across nearly 50 unique locations. I am proud of these accomplishments because they weren’t just me — I was able to stand up a team and create an environment where we could quickly innovate, collaborate and feel motivated to overcome. In addition to these moments, some of my proudest accomplishments have been more private in nature, helping clients and businesses succeed and creating legacies that will last beyond my lifetime. This is what fuels me to keep working and use all of this experience and my network to get things done quickly for clients in Utah. I am never afraid of a challenge.

What’s the next big goal or project in your professional journey?

I am growing my team, expanding our offering, and providing new and more elevated levels of service to clients in Utah and Idaho. JPMC recently celebrated 100 years in Utah and has played a meaningful role in supporting the growth of our customers and community. I’m excited to carry on this legacy of local service and lead us to new heights in the century ahead.

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