Utah business launches NOURI, a cutting-edge new app

Salt Lake City —

 To say Sean Bair has had an incredibly diverse career and professional life would be the understatement of the year. After serving the country for years in law enforcement, Bair founded a successful analytics software company dedicated to helping law enforcement and government agencies analyze real-time data to deter crime. He then ventured into an even more stressful industry – real estate. All this experience repeatedly reinforced important lessons for him; just how important it is to keep track of the important dates and moments in one’s key relationships’ lives, nurture those relationships with personal communication, and how doing that effectively is next to impossible with current software and social media. That’s what inspired the creation of the new, cutting-edge app Nouri. The free app, available for both Apple and Android phones, will be released on September 15. 

“The app was built for anyone who wants to nourish their personal and professional relationships,” explained Bair, Nouri’s CEO and founder. “Whether it’s solopreneurs who need to enhance connections with customers and potential clients, grandparents who need help keeping track of their grandkids’ birthdays and other important dates, or highly connected people who want to organize their many connections, NOURI is the app you need.” 

The Nouri Mobile App is about nourishing the relationships that mean the most to you. The app compiles all your contacts from other contacts apps, social media, your email list, etc., and organizes them into Circles. App users then create a contact schedule and Nouri’s advanced AI helps users bring their relationships to the next level.

“Contacts in your phone and your email app are good for what they do: tell you who is contacting you,” said Lauren Neeleman, Nouri COO. “However, the people in your life should be so much more than just a phone number or email address. Nouri gives users a complete view of the relationships with the people in their lives, and what users can do to make them even more meaningful.” 

App users create their own robust profile in Nouri and then create groups of people (Circles), including friends, family, co-workers, or clients to keep everyone organized or mass message whole groups. Users then create a nurture schedule for each of their individual contacts or Circles and never miss an opportunity to connect with their contacts again.

“The Nouri Mobile App is like having a personal assistant in the palm of your hand, dedicated to keeping you connected to the people that matter most,” stated Bair.