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Cotopaxi and MiiR create sustainable new Partnership and drinkware collection

Salt Lake City— Outdoor brands Cotopaxi and MiiR have created a powerful partnership to not only tackle the single use plastics crisis, but also to reinvent corporate expectations of “collaboration before competition.” The brands, both certified B Corps dedicated to giving back and doing good, have come together to launch a new water bottle line that will help eliminate single use plastics as well as support an ongoing grant to Water1st, an organization addressing economic justice and health by providing communities in Guatemala with access to house taps and clean water. The brands are thrilled to announce their new Cotopaxi x MiiR Llama water bottle collection.

The reusable collection features the MiiR Llama tumbler (16oz), MiiR Llama wide mouth bottle (20oz) and MiiR Llama camp cup (12oz), made from BPA-free Thermo 3D™ Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology construction, Hardshell™ powder coat, and has a lifetime warranty. https://www.cotopaxi.com/collections/miir-x-cotopaxi

“We are thrilled to provide a truly sustainable bottle that will also support water access and drive economic equality,” said Annie Agle, Director of Brand and Impact at Cotopaxi. “MiiR, like Cotopaxi, understands that companies have both the moral obligation and opportunity to correct global issues. Together, we can help invest in a global society that is plastic free and fair for all.”

MiiR and Cotopaxi teamed up as a result of their shared values and mission to help raise funds and awareness for global issues such as the harmful consequences of single use plastics and thin links between economic injustice and water access. Cotopaxi as a brand puts 1 percent of revenue toward addressing poverty and supporting community development and has awarded 42 grants in six focus countries. They have also donated over $400,000 this year to COVID-19 relief programs. MiiR as a company has empowered the lives of 115,000+ people worldwide, is Climate Neutral Certified and awards grants to promote clean water access, protect the environment and strengthen communities. These shared ethics led the brands to work together to create the Cotopaxi x MiiR water bottle. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Cotopaxi, a fellow B Corp and social enterprise,” said Bryan Papé CEO + Founder of MiiR. “Since MiiR’s founding in 2010, we have donated over $1.5M to nonprofits and have been steadfast in our commitment to funding clean water projects around the world. Partnering with Cotopaxi aligns with our belief in offering customers well designed products that in turn provide life changing clean water. This collaboration allows us to continue empowering people for a better future!”

The Cotopaxi x MiiR Llama tumbler ($21.95), MiiR Llama wide mouth bottle ($29.95) and MiiR Llama camp cup ($24.94), are available at cotopaxi.com and in Cotopaxi stores.

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