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Clozd launches Flex Interviews to help companies uncover rich win-loss insights at scale

Lehi, UT—Clozd, the leader in win-loss analysis, today announced the launch of Flex Interviews—a new product that helps revenue teams collect rich, qualitative win-loss insights at scale. With Flex Interviews, organizations capture direct buyer feedback asynchronously, giving them unrivaled visibility across their entire sales pipeline.

Flex Interviews enable buyers to provide their candid feedback when it’s most convenient for them—through video or audio recordings on any device. That feedback, combined with Clozd’s automated feedback analysis and delivery tools, creates a continuous stream of powerful insights that flows to revenue leaders.

Clozd launches Flex Interviews to help companies uncover rich win-loss insights at scale.Post this

“Capturing meaningful buyer feedback at scale is essential in the rapidly changing digital landscape,” said Andrew Peterson, Clozd co-founder and co-CEO. “Flex Interviews meet buyers where they are and give leaders the ability to seamlessly scale their win-loss program. With the most flexible data collection tools—Flex Interviews, along with our live interviews and survey capabilities—we’re proud to deliver the most advanced insight generation and distribution capabilities, all powered by the Clozd Platform, so that organizations can drive meaningful change at scale.”

Having access to a broader set of win-loss data helps companies identify important trends and gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses—so they can make meaningful changes across their organization that drive revenue and increase retention.

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About Clozd

Clozd is the leading provider of software and services for win-loss analysis, which helps organizations improve their sales win rates, build better products, strengthen competitive advantage, and consistently uncover the real reasons they win and lose business. Clozd has conducted tens of thousands of win-loss interviews for clients in a wide range of industries, including enterprise software, business services, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, telecom, and more. For more information, visit

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