Utah-based ClearMix raises $3.25 Million in seed from Scout Venture and Bloomberg Beta 

Salt Lake City — ClearMix, a remote video production platform for the US market, announced today that they raised $3.25 million during their seed round.

The seed round, financed by Scout VenturesBloomberg BetaRuna Capital, and Liquid2 Ventures, seeks to build the future of video marketing technology and facilitate fast and affordable content creation.

“This seed round will support ClearMix’s growth by 10x and allow us to reach most states in the US Streamlining remote access to video production quality that for so long was only accessible at a great expense is expected to help other startups achieve their marketing goals and therefore sales targets” says Georgia E. Dawkins, Head Of Production At ClearMix

The seed round closes at a moment of major development in the marketing space, where video has been proven to be 6 times more effective than print or direct mail combined, meaning both marketers and sales teams will soon have to embrace the inevitable transformation of their go-to-market strategy.

“We’re very excited to partner with big names in the venture capitalist space and to have the trust of such prestigious names investing in our company. We’ve worked hard to reach this point and are keen to move on to this new chapter in the company’s growth” says Ian Folau, CEO of ClearMix.

Historically, video production for most marketers and entrepreneurs has either been done in-house or through an agency at great cost and although there are plenty of DIY solutions out there, they still require a lot of resources that most don’t have.

ClearMix has come to market with an integration of video production professionals in everyday content marketing efforts that allows anyone with basic equipment they already own to produce high-quality content in record time. We’re excited to support them in lowering the friction to high-ROI video content for businesses,” says Sam Ellis, partner at Scout Ventures.

The video marketing industry is worth $135 Billion in the US alone and is expected to grow by 40 percent by 2027. However, when companies are looking to produce video, there is a gap between lower-quality DIY solutions and expensive on-site production studios. ClearMix bridges the gap between these options by providing fully-remote professional producers to supervise shoots filmed with high-quality webcams and smartphone cameras.

The New York-based company aims to bring affordable access to professional producers and editors for a multitude of audiences where video is the go-to solution that provides significant advantages over any other communication tool.

The platform is fit for all targets, from corporations to sales and HR teams, educators, and podcasters, all able to benefit from content creation at their convenience.

With vast experience across multiple industries, ClearMix’s executive and creative team have scaled their platform, constantly supporting both large corporations and small businesses in their efforts to reach desired audiences with professional content done remotely. 

About ClearMix

ClearMix is the first 100 percent remote video production company. We help companies produce authentic stories like customer testimonials, product and services reviews, announcements, video podcasts, learning series, and much more in less than a week, at a tenth of the cost of using an on-site production crew. Our team of professional producers and editors ensures clients can get the highest quality content with equipment already available. Leveraging the latest developments in video production, we offer the convenience of recording at home and having your video delivered within 1-2 weeks.

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