Revolutionize workflows and accelerate business productivity with the help of these innovative applications.

Utah executives’ top 10 business apps

Revolutionize workflows and accelerate business productivity with the help of these innovative applications.
Photo courtesy of Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

Good business takes time. Since we can’t add more hours to the day, maximizing our time is key to success. Whether it’s managing projects, staying updated on business trends, writing speeches, creating project plans or organizing content — there’s an app for that.


For Utah businesses that need to travel, the aloSIM app helps them stay connected to Wifi regardless of the geographical location. The big pull here is avoiding roaming charges if your work takes you out of the country or into more remote places. It’s basically a digital SIM card with purchasable data.

Jonathan Freedman, CEO and president of World Trade Center Utah, is a fan.

“Best for city travel, this eSIM data app offers an alternative to cellular provider plans,” he says. “AloSim allows international travelers to stay connected without Wi-Fi in 170-plus countries.”


Bill, formerly known as Divvy, is a Utah-based company that helps businesses simplify and organize their financial processes, bringing financial reporting into the digitized world of 2024. The website states that using the software saves businesses about 36 days of work each year. Missing information on invoices (often due to human error) is the top reason payments get delayed; Bill helps businesses catch these common mistakes.  

Jason McGowan, co-founder of Utah-based Crumbl Cookies, says he likes using Utah-founded companies when possible.

“We have such a unique entrepreneurial landscape in Utah, filled with grit, innovation and tenacity,” McGowan says. “And locally-based Bill has completely changed how we handle expenses at Crumbl. There isn’t a better app for keeping finances organized. The fintech industry is larger than ever, and Bill is blazing the trail for easy-to-use expense reporting software.”


For those who need to analyze the ownership, equity management or venture capitalist solutions of a company, Carta offers some analytical infrastructure to get the job done — specifically through capitalization (or cap) tables.

According to Carta’s website, businesses can break down cap tables by stakeholders, access summaries in real-time and dive into company ownership details to stay informed when major decisions have to be made.

David Bearss, CEO of Halia Therapeutics, says his company uses Carta to manage multiple things.

“Biotech companies are always in need of large capital raises to support the expenses from clinical development of new products and from the administrative side of the business,” he says. “We use Carta to manage everything related to equity, including cap tables, valuations, fundraising, issuing shares, expense accounting and equity planning. Carta is very expandable and can support the journey of the company from startup through growth in a cost-effective and professional manner.”

Revolutionize workflows and accelerate business productivity with the help of these innovative applications.
Photo courtesy of Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash


ClickUp, a productivity software company founded in 2017, aims to save businesses time. The key is how the software flexes to the user’s needs so you can work the way you want, wherever you want.

According to the website, the platform lets you see what people are doing (in real-time), create lists to prioritize items, and track and manage workloads. Kat Kennedy, general partner at Kickstart, says the software is an all-in-one product.

“If ‘wearing many hats’ is the motto of your team, do yourself a favor and download ClickUp,” Kennedy says. “You need one source of truth for all the moving parts of your business, and ClickUp is the answer. Its all-in-one product management solution allows you to track tasks, streamline workflows and integrate with your top tools.” 


For successful hybrid work, Kennedy says the workplace management software called Kadence is a no-brainer.

“It solves common pain points and simplifies the chaos of who is working where.”

Like other tech tools today, the software uses AI to book physical office space across the globe when your hybrid teams need it. That means your business saves money on building costs while creating more autonomy for teams to thrive in a modern work environment. 

To see a project demo, you can sign up for a 30-minute slot on their website.


If you’re looking for email marketing software, Tunisha Brown, founder of Impact Magazine, says Mailchimp (also known as Intuit Mailchimp) is the way to go. It increases your marketing efforts and gives you more control over your campaigns while growing your business.

The software helps users “collect, organize, and understand audience data” to better inform business marketing strategies. Use it to connect with customers more effectively through targeted content, e-commerce and social media strategies.

“It is essential in this day and time to have a direct connection with your customers,” Brown says. “Long gone are the days of relying only on social media platforms to speak with those who are interested in your business. Mailchimp is a great way to begin building dialogue with your customer base outside of your social platforms.”

“I believe proper collection and use of data can completely change the trajectory of a company as it allows one to make more informed decisions and better understand virtually every element of the business.”

This app helps you get organized. About 10 years old, this cloud-based platform is all about managing projects and your team. Known as a project management system, you can customize what you need from the platform using progress trackers, online workflow boards and data visualization tools.

Bearss says he uses to manage his company’s tasks and workflows. Biotechnology is a highly specialized and regulated industry with specific software needs and approaches. Still, Halia Therapeutics shares basic workforce needs with companies from all industries, including project management.

“Project management is important to us,” Bearss says. “We have used a lot of tools to support project management, and we find this app useful to facilitate team collaboration across functions in the company.”


Qualtrics, founded in Utah, uses data to improve the customer experience. This includes learning how to build stronger teams, mapping customers’ journeys, hearing your employees better or understanding customer feedback on a deeper level. The experience management software offers businesses-specific tools that analyze data and assess how customers or employees see a company’s overall resilience and innovation.

“Data is a crucial tool for all businesses, and Qualtrics offers the best platform for data collection and analytics,” McGowan says. “I believe proper collection and use of data can completely change the trajectory of a company as it allows one to make more informed decisions and better understand virtually every element of the business.”


It’s the software that claims to give you four hours of time back each week. Superhuman is an email monitoring system that uses AI to create emails for you, modeling your style and narrative as it goes. If you’re unconvinced about the technology, peek at their Wall of Love online to read the reviews. As its name suggests, the app can deliver a new kind of human speed and efficiency.

Kennedy says every modern business needs to download Superhuman.

“If you’re drowning in emails, you should have downloaded Superhuman yesterday,” Kennedy says. “The split inbox feature allows me to prioritize urgent stuff over what can be caught up on later. Bonus: Superhuman tracks your inbox-zero streak (I’m flexing 37 weeks!).”

Things 3

For those who get motivated by clicking a box after completing a task, Things 3 is the app for you. Tagged as a way to “organize your life,” the app costs a few bucks but claims to be worth its weight in delivering productivity. 

The task manager app organizes your calendar, to-dos, goals and projects while monitoring time-sensitive tasks and providing a simple interface for rescheduling things. The New York Times ranked it in its top three to-do list apps.