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Caputo’s ninth annual chocolate festival featuring Pump Street Chocolate

Salt Lake City— This November, Caputo’s will spotlight Pump Street Chocolate from Suffolk, UK at the 9th Annual Caputo’s Chocolate Festival. Utah’s trend setting chefs and beverage experts will craft chocolate-based creations to benefit the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund. For the first time, this year’s event brings participants together through the magic of Zoom, to enjoy the festival from the comfort of their own home!

The evening’s culinary lineup includes talented chefs from Utah’s local establishments Normal Ice Cream and Nomad Eatery. Pump Street’s exceptional bean to bar chocolate will be showcased in both sweet and savory applications, accompanied by an inspired cocktail mix from Water Witch Bar. All goodies, including one of Pump Street’s delectable pastries, the Eccles cake, will be shipped directly to attendees to enjoy together with the chefs and chocolate makers over Zoom.

The 9th Annual Caputo’s Chocolate Festival takes place on Thursday, November 19, beginning at 6:00 PM MST. Tickets are $75 for festival entrance and tasting kit pickup in SLC, Utah; $100 for entrance to festival with tasting kit shipped directly to attendee’s door. Participation is limited and tickets must be purchased in advance on Caputo’s website: https://caputos.com/chocfest/. All proceeds from the Chocolate Festival are donated to the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative.

Information on past Chocolate Festival photos can be viewed here.

ABOUT Caputo’s Market & Deli: Caputo’s is Utah’s leading purveyor of regional Italian and Southern European foods, winner of numerous specialty food awards, and an advocate for bean-to-bar craft chocolate. With three locations across Salt Lake Valley, Caputo’s has solidified its position as one of the nation’s best specialty food markets, with a mission to promote and preserve culinary traditions of our ancestors. Highlights include cave aged cheeses from their state-of-the-art cheese caves and one of the largest collections of craft chocolate bars in the world, all which can be found online at caputos.com.

ABOUT Pump Street Chocolate: Pump Street Bakery, originally known for their passionate approach to making bread and pastry, is now making some of the best chocolate around using beans from world-famous origins like the Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP) certified Hacienda Limon in Ecuador, the Crayfish Bay Estate in Grenada, and Finca 3 Marias in Honduras. In celebration of their roots as a bakery, Pump Street’s one-of-a-kind inclusion bars combine chocolate and bread crumbs to deliver a surprising, delicious amalgam of texture, aroma, and taste.

ABOUT Heirloom Cacao Preservation: The HCP is a non-profit collaboration between the Fine Chocolate Industry Association and the United States Department of Agriculture to genetically identify strains of heirloom cacao that are extraordinary and unique in flavor and quality and preserve them in the face of an agricultural system that is quickly killing them off. For more information, visit hcpcacao.org.