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Callan Carpenter | Photographed by MANICPROJECT

Callan Carpenter | HR Achievement Awards 2024

Callan Carpenter | Photographed by MANICPROJECT
Callan Carpenter | Photographed by MANICPROJECT

People Business Partner | Recursion


Was there a pivotal moment in your life that brought you into your field?

Early in my career, I was interning at a nonprofit theatre organization in New York, supporting field-wide learning. When I started the role, I was supporting speaker prep for a conference and was thrilled to engage with artistic heroes and help them tell their stories. What changed everything for me was working in that space during the #metoo movement. I learned quickly how few anti-harassment resources existed in the theatre world. I learned the power of creating safety through that work. When HR builds infrastructure to protect employee well-being, your team can accomplish the impossible.

What advice do you have for those just starting their careers in HR?

Find the work and the people who excite you. By deeply understanding the work, you can deeply understand how to unlock the potential of teams in that field. I would also encourage you to harness the power of teams. Diverse teams multiply the potential and capabilities of every team member. Whether you are supporting a team or working within a team, seek out the magic that happens when everyone is together working on a problem.

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