Bureau Real Estate opens its doors in Utah today with a pledge and a promise to its customers: there is a better way to buy and sell your home.

Bureau Real Estate opens its doors in Utah

Salt Lake City —Bureau Real Estate opens its doors in Utah today with a pledge and a promise to its customers: there is a better way to buy and sell your home. Founded by top real estate industry performers, Shane Herbert and Mat Stouffer, Bureau Real Estate sets a new high bar in broker-managed customer care, delivering a high-touch client-focused experience at a down-to-earth rate. 

Bureau Real Estate is debuting two new systems that make its approach unique: a custom technology platform and deep back-office engagement that gives Bureau Real Estate agents unprecedented support in the field. The combination allows Bureau agents to focus on servicing the client, transforming what is usually a stressful and confusing process into a positive and memorable experience.

“Regular communication with clients is key,” says Shane Herbert, founder and CEO of Bureau Real Estate’s parent company, Bureau One. “Home buyers and sellers need to know where things stand, what comes next, how things are going, what they should expect. That takes time and energy and careful attention. And most agents in this business don’t have the backing they need to do that effectively.” 

“Bureau’s team approach sets us apart from other traditional brokerages,” says Bureau One Co-Founder and COO Mat Stouffer. “We’ve hired a multitude of experts in different fields to take a lot of responsibilities off the agents’ plates, so the agents can focus on what’s important: building trust with their clients, peer-to-peer networking, expanding their knowledge about the market, and effective negotiating.”

“Managing multiple transactions, seeing them past problems and obstacles, communicating these things to people who need that information, it’s hard work. And it’s hard to get right on your own,” says Herbert. “We took the loneliness out of being a real estate agent because that’s the surest path to giving home buyers and sellers a better experience.” 

The technical side of Bureau Real Estate’s revolutionary new approach arms agents with new digital tools that streamline and consolidate mundane and time-consuming tasks into one easy-to-navigate platform. Repetitive tasks are automated, email and text communications centralized, forms and filings standardized. “Every step in the transaction, every message, every form is right there,” says Stouffer. “If you believe, as we do, that a better client experience starts with unburdening agents, then give them everything they need to be successful: excellent tools and reliable backup.” 

Unlike most traditional brokerages, Bureau Real Estate also takes an active role in addressing problems with a property before an issue becomes a potential barrier to sale. The company has assembled credentialed specialists who can quickly and reliably perform home inspections, coordinate with vendors, and tend to minor repairs. Bureau then manages the creation of the listing with compelling descriptors, superior photography, virtual walkthroughs, video, and more.

Herbert and Stouffer tapped Leanne Burk Parry to serve as President of Bureau Real Estate. A 20-year career professional most recently with Sotheby’s International, Parry brings a mastery of client management and a commitment to service to her new role. “It’s just so exciting. Bureau’s philosophy of putting clients first, the technology we’re bringing to the field, and the culture we’re creating – it’s like we’ve been given this chance to design the ideal experience and get everything right,” says Parry.

ABOUT BUREAU REAL ESTATE Bureau Real Estate sets a new high bar in broker-managed customer care, standardizing clear and simple communications and the consistent delivery of exceptional high-touch service. Advanced digital tools and genuine support to agents in the field means more time devoted to meeting client’s needs, transforming the experience of buying and selling a home. To learn more, visit