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2024 CEOs of the Year | Beth Waldron

Beth Waldron | 2024 CEO of the Year

2024 CEOs of the Year | Beth Waldron

CEO & President | LÉVO

How do you define success for yourself and your company?

We measure our success by the strength of our relationships with our team and whether we, as leaders, are having a positive impact on them. If we are seen and felt as approachable, open to listening and learning, and viewed as fellow team members they can trust to lead them, that feels like success to me. 

What’s one thing you want to say to the other members of your C-suite?

I want to express my deep and sincere gratitude for the impact they’ve had on me as a professional and as a person. I wouldn’t be here without them! We have a unique and special executive team that works well together with complementary qualities and perspectives. Together, we have been able to create an incredible vehicle that lifts and helps our community.

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Savannah Beth Withers Taylor is the assistant editor of Utah Business and a graduate of the editing and publishing program at Brigham Young University. Beth has written content about travel, academics, and mental health for Stowaway magazine, BYU College of Humanities and United Way. She enjoys traveling, reading, eating, and mercilessly defeating loved ones in anything competitive.