Beecher Walker St. George officially opened its new office on April 1st to address the volume and demand of work the firm has in Southern Utah.

Beecher Walker opens new office in St. George

St. George — Beecher Walker Architects of Holladay, Utah, is pleased to name four new partners at the firm and also new Senior Associates. Beecher Walker was established in 1998 by founding Principals Jory Walker and  Lyle Beecher and has been a leading commercial architecture firm in the Mountain West ever since. “We would not be where we are today without the skill and dedication of our entire team, but certain individuals have really made an indelible imprint on our firm and we wanted to acknowledge and reward both their dedication and performance over the years,” says Jory Walker, Principal, President, Beecher Walker. And years with the company they have in spades. The new full partners are Anthony Lyman (21 years), Gary Gowers (22 years), Ryan Griffiths (18 years), and Jill Howells  Blayden (18 years). In addition, the firm has also named four Senior Associates: David Morris (12 years), Brad Beecher  (12 years), Chad Beus (8 years), Dustin Glazer (6 years). “We are fortunate our firm has continued to thrive all these years and we want to make sure it is positioned well to continue to prosper and serve our current and future clients to the utmost in the years to come,” commented Walker. New partner Anthony Lyman added, “There have always been  many opportunities for advancement and personal growth throughout my years at Beecher Walker, and there will  continue to be for both current and future employees that are eager to take on challenges and responsibilities necessary  for the success of the firm and employees alike.” 

Adding to the excitement, Beecher Walker officially opened its St. George office on April 1st to address the volume and demand of work the firm has in Southern Utah and the Southwestern states. Technically, Beecher Walker has had “feet on the ground” in St. George for almost two years, but the volume of work has built to a point that establishing an office in the region was important. Its current location is in a bustling business park at 320 E and 1400 S, but will be moving to the new Foundry Design Campus when its new phase is completed in January 2022. The Foundry is a campus created to elevate and inspire the design/build environment in Southern Utah. The campus hosts a collection of like-minded, design-conscious companies who have carefully curated an assortment of quality products and services in one place. “The Foundry is sure to be the design hub of St. George and an incubator of talent in the area. To be the only architecture firm selected to be a part of the Design Campus is such an honor and one we don’t take lightly, “ says Lyle Beecher, Principal, CEO, Beecher Walker. “With the tremendous growth in St. George and the myriad of projects we currently have under construction and on the boards, it is an exciting time to be here for any talented architect or draftsman looking to make their mark,” adds Chad Beus, Architect-in-Charge, Senior Associate, Beecher Walker – St.  George office.