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Becklar patents AI-powered Engage platform to accelerate decision making in the moments that matter

Ogden, UT—Becklar, the parent company of AvantGuard, Eyeforce, Armstrongs, and Freeus, is pleased to announce its successful patent of their AI-powered event response monitoring Engage platform. The newly patented Becklar Engage platform uses AI and machine learning to automatically determine the intent of incoming alarms, enabling live operators to focus on emergency signals and respond quickly in the moments that matter. This process improves the efficiency of inbound and outbound call handling, directing emergency calls to a live operator in half the time, and enhances the customer experience by providing context to calls as they are answered. This technology has led to industry-leading emergency response times of nine seconds and has improved efficiency by successfully handling 60% of incoming, non-urgent signals autonomously.

Becklar built their AI-powered engagement platform using industry-leading machine learning technology to deconstruct tens of thousands of live customer-to-operator alarm calls to train the platform to respond to requests quickly and accurately. Becklar’s AI co-pilot can determine intent for multiple scenarios including emergencies, false alarms, device and system testing, and general questions to respond and process calls appropriately. By blending technology and humans, the platform is poised to Assess, Act, Respond and Resolve critical events quickly, accurately, and with care.

Innovation is a core company value. With smart use of technology, we can help end-users receive the fastest help possible in an emergency or simply remind them to take their medication for preventative health. The synergy between the Becklar Engage Platform and our enterprise monitoring companies including AvantGuard, Armstrongs and Eyeforce, provides the most robust and comprehensive care for the end-user,” said Tyler Tribe, Chief Technology Officer for Becklar.

Based on the success of the Engage platform for inbound calling, the Becklar AI Solutions Team has deployed the Engage platform for outbound customer engagement, scaling the technology beyond event response monitoring. The AI platform is currently implemented across security, health and personal safety industries, as well as remote patient monitoring. It is used to proactively remind patients to charge batteries on their devices, take their pills, notify contacts when vital readings fall outside of healthy parameters, and more.

“The development of the Engage platform started in 2019. We’ve heavily invested in this technology both financially and with thousands of hours of testing and development. The overall capability and scalability of the technology is one we view as the future of monitoring,” commented Steve Richards, CEO of Becklar.

Together, Becklar’s patented Engage platform, combined with its premier enterprise monitoring companies, can provide unmatched protection in enterprise fire and security monitoring, personal emergency response, medical alerts, and workforce safety. Becklar continues to be at the forefront of technology with the development and implementation of its AI-based Engage platform.

About Becklar 
Becklar provides the largest, fastest and premier quality Connected Safety Solutions and Monitoring platform in North America. Becklar creates industry-leading connected safety solutions for enterprises and individuals, delivering a world class comprehensive suite of lifesaving and life-enhancing technologies. Becklar leverages its platform of innovative technology and award-winning services to create customizable and comprehensive solutions to meet the connected safety needs of their enterprise and individual customers across diverse industries, including video monitoring and remote guarding, personal emergency response solutions, workforce safety, personal health & safety, vitals monitoring and event response monitoring. 

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