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30 Women to Watch 2024

Becki Wright | 30 Women to Watch 2024

30 Women to Watch 2024
Becki Wright | Photographed by Beka Price Photography

Founder & CEO | Proximity

Becki Wright has always been driven by the desire to solve complex challenges, create meaningful impact and remove barriers for others. After obtaining a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Utah, she advocated for FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake and other local advocacy groups, was contracted as a writer and editor for companies across the nation, served in leadership roles for the state and local PTA, managed municipal community events and development campaigns, and built an elementary school’s theater arts program. Becki’s dedication to enhancing civic engagement and advocating for women’s representation in public life is reflected through her work as a city planning commissioner and community council board member, as well as her leadership with Utah Women Run, A Bolder Way Forward, and the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors. Her experiences in fundraising, development, advocacy and strategic planning led her to establish Proximity, a public benefit corporation dedicated to simplifying operations for political leaders.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Witnessing the direct impact Proximity has on democratizing democracy. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see political leaders and candidates leverage our platform to forge meaningful connections with their constituents, making governance more accessible and representative. This intersection of technology and civic engagement, where innovative solutions meet real-world needs, is where I find the most joy and motivation.

What’s the next big goal or project in your professional journey?

The next big milestone for Proximity is to bring on investors to expand our reach and impact nationally. We are doing this by introducing CLAIM (Campaign Logistics Artificial Intelligence Manager), AI-driven tools for deeper voter engagement and predictive analytics for campaign strategies. This disruptive tech not only enhances our platform’s capabilities, but also sets a new standard for how technology can facilitate a more engaged, informed and responsive democratic process. My vision is for Proximity to become an indispensable tool for elected officials and political campaigns across the country, revolutionizing how democracy works in the digital age.

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