Utah-based marketing agency helps chiropractors acquire, book, and confirm patient appointments

Salt Lake City— Andrew James Consulting, a marketing agency for chiropractic practices, today announced a brand new hybrid system for chiropractic patient acquisition, which guarantees pre-paid and confirmed appointments for chiropractors.

“After speaking with chiropractors in large and small markets across the country, I’ve noticed that many practice owners struggle with two things. Generating consistent new patient appointments on the schedule, and getting patients through the door for care,” said Andrew James, founder of the Get Patients Now Hybrid System. “I created this system to help chiropractors solve these two problems. This is a challenging time for many small business owners, and I hope to help as many chiropractors as I can help people in their local communities.”

The Get Patients Now Hybrid System is unique, because it utilizes both an automated and manual approach to acquiring, booking and confirming new patient appointments for chiropractors.

By using the System, chiropractors can more effectively:

ACQUIRE: Generate new patient appointments using an exclusive AI system to place a New Patient Special on social media channels, and get qualified patients reaching out directly.

FOLLOW-UP: Automated sequences confirm each new appointment, and remind patients to come in for care. This system also nurtures new leads to ensure they know, like and trust the chiropractor before they arrive.

LEARN: Get questions answered any time. With an exclusive video training vault, chiropractors can easily learn how to convert more leads into patients with easy to access phone scripts, lead tracking templates and more.

Most chiropractors struggle with ineffective or outdated marketing, which makes it difficult to generate patient leads on demand to fill the schedule.

What has worked in the past is no longer getting new patients through the door.

Andrew James Consulting, and the Get Patients Now Hybrid System, is on a mission to help as many chiropractors as possible generate qualified and confirmed appointments as possible, so they in turn can help their neighbors through chiropractic care.

Learn more about the Get Patients Now Hybrid System here.