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Anagram raises $1.2M from Nextview and Kickstart to build simple AI for complicated products

Salt Lake City—Anagram, an AI-powered product data platform for brands, announces its pre-seed financing led by Kickstart Fund and NextView Ventures.

Anagram’s mission is to make “simple AI for complicated products.” Anagram Co-Founder Austin Winfield, an ecommerce veteran, saw some of the pain points around product data during his time at sock supplier Stance and while running his own consumer products company, Period Correct. “Product data for brands is still fragmented and overlooked. You would be surprised at how hard it is to get accurate answers to product-related questions even internally at most brands. Brands are sitting on a data goldmine that we can help them uncover with AI. We founded Anagram to enable brands to find new meaning in their product data.”

Austin teamed up with co-founders Bryce DeFigueiredo and Jeremy Fischer, alumni of Utah’s Lucid Software, to chase the dream of bringing simplicity to the world of product data.

Anagram helps brands easily aggregate their product data from both obvious and overlooked data sources. Using the latest LLM technology, Anagram allows both internal users and online shoppers to get instant answers and hyper-personalized product recommendations. Anagram Co-founder, Bryce DeFigueiredo said “the latest wave of generative AI is opening a whole new world of opportunity for consumer products companies. Early on, we asked ourselves, what if we could help brands develop better products, increase shopper engagement, or even reduce customer support tickets? With Anagram we’re finding the combination of product data and AI can do all of this and more.”

The company has already onboarded over a dozen brands to its platform including St. George, Utah-based electric bike supplier, Amped Bikes. Amped’s Head of Ecommerce, Jeff Rogan said “We sell technical products and want to make sure our customers get exactly what they are looking for. Anagram helps us get them answers and gives us insight into the kind of info they are searching for. It’s becoming an important piece of our customer journey”

NextView’s David Beisel knows this world well, having invested in a variety of successful commerce companies, including Attentive. He understood the opportunity instantly while chatting with Austin and Bryce. “At NextView, we are convinced that generative AI represents a pivotal shift in the way brands can develop products, go to market, and engage with customers. This transformative journey is deeply rooted in data, and we find Anagram’s innovative approach to leveraging it particularly compelling.”

To learn more visit the company’s website