Purple Innovation, Inc. announced the pricing of an underwritten public offering by the Company of 13,400,000 shares of its Class A common stock, at a public offering price of $4.50 per share, before underwriting discounts and commissions.

AMP Smart and Titanium Combine to Offer Complete Residential Smart Home and Solar Sales and Installation Solutions

AMP Smart (Lehi, UT) and Titanium (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) have finalized their merger and now offer consumers a complete smart home and solar sales and installation solution.

AMP is a Top 10 smart home company and Titanium is one of the fastest growing solar installers in the United States. Together, AMP and Titanium offer a unique spectrum of products including: roof-top solar; meter monitoring; smart thermostats; video surveillance; feature rich smart home panels; automated lights and door locks; and a full suite of cutting-edge monitored security products. These products work to facilitate independence, control and convenience for the homeowner.

Executive Chairman Allen Bolen said, “This merger was very strategic. AMP’s operational strength, combined with Titanium’s powerhouse sales engine, creates an ideal platform to drive growth.”

The company is actively recruiting new sales and operations talent to take advantage of the rapid expansion in the smart home and solar industries. According to CEO Josh Sutherland, “I believe our growth will continue to accelerate and may even surpass 50 percent in 2023. We look forward to hiring people in a challenging economy, and we plan on healthy expansion throughout the year.”

The transaction was financed by AMP Smart’s existing investors, Seacoast Capital and St. Cloud Capital. Global Power Partners, LLC and Stang Capital Advisory, LLC acted as financial advisors in the transaction.

About AMP Smart

AMP Smart is the 10th largest residential security and smart home company in the United States (Source: SDM Magazine). It currently operates in 21 US states, from California to New York. The company was founded in 2008 by brothers Allen Bolen (Executive Chairman) and Dave Bolen (COO).

About Titanium

Titanium is one of the fastest growing solar sales and installation companies in the United States. The company initially focused on smart home and expanded aggressively into the solar sales and installation market. Titanium was founded by Josh Sutherland (CEO) in 2012.

SOURCE Titanium Solar; AMP Smart