AltaFin launches deFi lending protocol

Lehi — Crypto platform AltaFin (AFN) announced that it has publicly launched its Earn DeFi lending protocol on Ethereum and Polygon networks, with more chains launching soon. 

“We are extremely excited to launch our native Earn lending protocol to allow DeFi investors access to a stable long-term yield generated from real-world assets,” says Jeremy Crane, CEO and founder of AltaFin. “This protocol will be the backbone for increasing the Treasury of AltaFin and sending profits to AltaHelix (xAFN).” 

Why Earn? 

Earn makes it easy to have exposure to the underlying real-world asset revenue streams wrapped in a smart contract. 

How does it work?

Earn runs natively on Ethereum and Polygon (other chains launching soon) and are powered by the ERC-20 infrastructure. All Earn contracts are opened with our native AFN token, which can easily be acquired inside your MetaMask, Coinbase, or Web3 wallet. 

What are typical terms? 

All terms are subject to change, but at launch we are offering: 12 percent USDC @ 36-months; 6.5 percent USDC @ 24-months; 6 percent USDC @ 18-months. 

What if a lender needs to close a position early? 

We have created a market to re-sell Earn contracts to 3rd parties, allowing any lender to exit their position at any time. They can place their Earn contract For Sale and accept the highest bid on their own timeframe. 

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AltaFin is on a mission to bring real-world assets into the crypto ecosystem, starting with the financing and investing stack. With AltaFin, customers can utilize our decentralized platforms to earn interest, invest in real estate projects, finance metaverse assets, and more, all powered by the AltaFin AFN token.