Allset raises $3M to automate tips for cleaning professionals

Lehi — Silicon Slopes newest tech company Allset is helping service professionals automate and increase tips through a personalized mobile messaging platform. The concept is simple — when a service appointment is completed, an automated tip request is sent from Allset to the customer on behalf of the business. 

The company is increasing tips by 300 percent for small businesses and is seeing an average tip amount of $33. Meanwhile, 16 percent of customers leave a tip when prompted on Allset. 
Allset’s vision is to unlock revenue for small-medium businesses while eliminating the awkwardness of asking for a tip. In just two months, Allset has powered thousands of friendly, helpful, and personalized messages that have generated over $20,000 in tips for businesses in Utah, the US, and now Canada. 

“Service businesses are in need of beautiful, simple tools they can use to run and grow their business. We’ve observed through countless hours doing field service work that service professionals need technology that runs in the background for them,” says Justin Clegg, CEO of Allset. “Our mission is to unlock revenue for service businesses so they can focus on being experts at what they do.” 

“Each feature we ship includes a few requirements: simplicity, set it and forget it, and revenue unlocking,” says Mel Green, Director of Engineering. “Utah is home to an exciting tech hub in the country. It’s a great time to be a part of the vertical software ecosystem and serve a massive $800 billion market that has been overlooked.”