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Albany Colleges keep campuses open with COVID-data heath platform

Salt Lake City— ShareMy.Health, a new COVID-data health sharing platform, has helped three Albany college campuses stay open this fall by enabling in-person and on-campus learning even during the pandemic that continues to close campuses across the country. 

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS), Albany Law School, and Maria College have improved faculty health decision-making with powerful ShareMy.Health dashboards that have increased safety for each student, faculty member and staff member; have automated health policies by integrating test results; and have enabled COVID saliva testing and required daily self-assessments to determine the health status of every individual every day. 

Using on-site rapid tests combined with gold-standard, saliva-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, and daily self-assessments introduced this fall semester, ShareMy.Health has pioneered the future of keeping college campuses open by: 

1. Testing everyone before they return to campus through easy, at-home saliva kits and overnight shipping to the lab 

2. Assessing their health daily through rapid self-assessments 

3. Opt-in sharing of certain health data with school officials 

4. Clearing them to attend (or not to attend) 

5. Daily monitoring through dashboards and alerts 

6. Instantly validating the student’s health status, via ShareMy.Health APIs, so they can safely enter campus with others who have all passed the colleges’ health policies. 

“We simply could not have re-opened our campus and stayed open without ShareMyHealth – they have been tremendous,” said Wendy M. Parker, MPA, PhD; Director, Public Health Program; interim director, Health Services Data Management and Analytics; Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. 

“ShareMy.Health has been instrumental in facilitating our COVID protocols for campus, and our success in monitoring it has allowed us to remain open and have some normalcy during these difficult times,” said Michelle A. Parent, M.S., Ph.D.; Associate Professor Microbiology & Clinical Laboratory Sciences; interim director, Health Services; Albany College of Basic & Clinical Sciences. 

Originally founded in 2018 to help homeless shelters in New York access critical health data, ShareMy.Health saw a need in the spring of 2020 to get college campuses back open in time for fall and winter classes with the escalating COVID-19 pandemic and quickly pivoted to higher education. 

“Thousands of students, faculty members and employees have now safely returned to campus, and we’re just getting started,” said Galen Murdock, founder and CEO of ShareMy.Health. “With the right healthcare technology, and with our success in Albany this fall, we are on track to help America get back to work, back to school, back into public venues, and do it safely.” 

About ShareMy.Health 

ShareMy.Health enables organizations to safely return to work, school and live events. This Salt Lake City, Utah-based software company combines FDA-authorized tests, self-assessments, and population health dashboards to help private and public sector organizations to securely monitor everyone’s health. ShareMy.Health preserves privacy, protects every entrance with a health passport, and helps customers return with confidence and comfort.