NetDocuments acquires Afterpattern to further inspire productivity

Salt Lake City — NetDocuments, the leading cloud content management platform where legal professionals do work, today announced the acquisition of Afterpattern, a no-code automation toolkit that law firms and legal teams use to produce hundreds of thousands of documents and workflow automation. By integrating Afterpattern into the NetDocuments platform, customers will be able to further focus on the “create” aspect of the document lifecycle and be empowered to automate documents, at scale, more efficiently than ever before.

“As we continue our journey to help legal professionals do their best work, we are always looking for new technology that will accelerate this path forward. Adding Afterpattern to the NetDocuments platform is a prime example,” stated Josh Baxter, NetDocuments CEO.

“One of the things we hear consistently is that lawyers and their teams need to build more automation into their legal workflows –– from making requests to capturing data, to generating complex sets of documents. When I saw the sophistication and capabilities of the Afterpattern legal practice automation, I knew this is what many of our customers are looking for today.”

With a focus on enhancing legal professionals’ productivity from within NetDocuments, the acquisition of Afterpattern brings new opportunities to further enhance its productivity solutions, which NetDocuments recently demonstrated with their DocuSign eSignature integration as well as the introduction of NetDocuments Highlights powered by LexisNexis.

According to Thomas Officer, Afterpattern co-founder, and Design Lead, NetDocuments is the perfect environment for Afterpattern’s automation builder. “Almost every legal workflow includes a document or email, so what better place to build that automation than the leading secure, cloud-based document management system.”

“What I like about Afterpattern is that it allows me to get something straight from my head into an app. In the end, I think building a legal app is complementary to a lawyer’s skill set. The thought process you go through when analyzing a legal problem is not at all that different from what you do when designing an app,” added Greg Siskind, immigration lawyer, founding partner of Siskind Susser PC, and longtime Afterpattern user.

Similar to previous acquisitions including ThreadKM and Chapman and Cutler’s Closing Room, Afterpattern will be natively integrated into the NetDocuments platform. Specific details about availability will be shared in early 2022.

“As a startup founder myself, and former practicing lawyer, I can appreciate the Afterpattern founders’ desire to help more attorneys build their own legal practice automation and improve workflows and productivity,” stated Dan Hauck, NetDocuments Chief Product Officer. “In fact, we talked to dozens of our customers recently about capabilities they want from us, and document automation was at the top of the list. Afterpattern is the perfect complement to our growing bundle of productivity solutions.”

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

For more details on the acquisition and what it means to NetDocuments customers and partners, please read Dan Hauck’s blog post. To stay current on NetDocuments and Afterpattern, sign up for updates.