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You’ve got that brilliant idea, and now you’re ready to go out

It’s the first question you get whenever you tell someone you have

Hewlett and Packard. Ben and Jerry. Larry and Sergey. History is full

Creating a startup is oodles of fun. Your heart thumps with emotion when

Most startups recognize that it takes talent to stand out in a competitive market. As

Emails. Messages. Phone calls. That new season that just dropped on Netflix. How

In recent decades, we’ve witnessed a revolution when it comes to how

So you started your business. Your dreams came true. You’re an entrepreneur.

It’s a rare thing to hear an entrepreneur boast about working fewer hours. Us

A startup can have all the potential in the world, but nothing

Selling your startup to new people is tough. Do you ever see

Besides the ever-malfunctioning printer and Jan-with-the-annoying-laugh, there is almost nothing more universally

There’s a very good chance your startup will fail. Nine out of

If you’re the kind of person who envisions solutions to problems that

For most startups, raising capital is the big hurdle to overcome —

Happy New Year! We’re celebrating another trip around the sun here at

Problems. Yuck! Who wants to deal with the drama? You, that’s who.

The journey of an entrepreneur can be quite a lonely, especially when

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence in business these days—the adoption of

It’s famously said that over 90% of startups fail. For founders struggling to

In a freelance business, what do you do when you’ve taken on