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Building functioning software alone is hard enough. Getting other people to pay

You’ve spent months building your startup. You’ve validated your idea through user feedback until

“I do have a job!” I’ve had to say that more times than I’d

So you want to learn how to learn new skills? Awesome, just

We make decisions every day, lots of them. From the little things,

It’s a well-known story in the entrepreneur community: Steve Jobs’ early rise

After a lot of hard work—brainstorming, researching, and testing—you’ve finally found the right

It’s 2019. Mail is now delivered by drone, head transplants are totally

Before starting Sumo, I had created many other startups. You’ve probably never heard

Digital marketing is fantastic. It popularizes your business, gets you all sorts

Find your passion. Follow your bliss. Do what you love. Sure, such statements

It’s not about the money, really. Entrepreneurs are driven by ideas they

I don’t know about you, but I feel the pull. The temptation to

There’s something about public speaking that’s both exciting…and terrifying. On the one hand, public

There are a lot of similarities between parenting and entrepreneurship. Think about it—both

Richard Branson is a business rockstar. The man has founded more than

You’ve heard of multitasking, right? You might have even mentioned it on

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” 

Your worst professional nightmare has happened. You swung for the fences, and

On April 6, 2007, after working 18-hour days building The Huffington Post, founder

Have you ever wondered how top Kickstarters get crowdfunded? Even for some

A day in the life of an entrepreneur is wildly different from