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Author: ShaDonna Sanchez

ShaDonna Sanchez embarked on her culinary journey in Savannah, Georgia, where her fascination with cooking took root in her grandma's kitchen. Despite diverse career paths—from dental assistant to Army soldier and philanthropist—she earned a degree in social and criminal justice and founded the Angel Hands Foundation to address poverty and homelessness. ShaDonna's love for culinary arts persisted throughout her endeavors, leading her to establish The Perfect Bite 719, a small events catering service. Realizing that her passion for the culinary world was more than a hobby, she embraced it as her life's purpose. This revelation inspired the creation of Palate Gourmet, a brand offering high-quality gourmet coffee, sauces, artisanal spice blends, infused balsamic, olive oils and more. ShaDonna's mission is clear: to spread joy and smiles worldwide through her culinary creations.

And connected kitchens around the world to the soulful traditions of Southern