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Author: Scott Porter

Scott is a lifelong entrepreneur, executive consultant and brand experience strategist. He's completely obsessed with tacos and churros. Currently, you’ll find him doing one of several things: consulting, speaking, podcasting or leading taco tours in Mexico City to help leaders humanize their brand experiences with Vitamin T, or delivering deep-fried happiness to churro lovers everywhere as the founder and owner-operator of the gourmet churro experience business, San Diablo Artisan Churros. Scott has been the executive director of two nursing homes and a home health agency; co-founded Surf Air, the first all-you-can-fly membership airline; co-founded and launched the game of Reverse Charades; co-founded an international nonprofit organization called Singular Humanitarian; and been a management consultant with Gartner (formerly CEB), InsideOut Development and General Assembly. Scott holds a bachelor’s in public relations and an MBA in international business, marketing and entrepreneurship from BYU as well as an MA in Spanish from California State University-Sacramento. Born in Arizona, Scott was raised in Canada, is from Las Vegas and has lived and worked in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru and Mexico.